2024 Inflation Report: What to Expect & Analyze

  • Economists predict a mild increase in consumer prices
  • Core CPI expected to rise, raising concerns about future inflation
  • Fed officials cautious about reducing interest rates
  • Housing costs and labor costs closely monitored by the Fed
  • Investors betting on a rate cut if inflation continues to slow


The rate of inflation is a critical factor that determines when the Federal Reserve will cut interest rates and provide relief to home buyers and borrowers. The latest reading on inflation, which will be revealed in January’s consumer price index report, will shed light on the direction of the economy and impact future monetary policies.

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Steady Decrease in Inflation

Economists surveyed by The Wall Street Journal predict a modest 0.2% increase in consumer prices for January 2024. This would mark the first time in nearly three years that the consumer price index (CPI) falls below 3%. The core CPI, which excludes food and energy prices and is considered a better predictor of future inflation, is expected to rise by 0.3%, nearing the upper limit tolerated by the Federal Reserve in the short run.

Caution from Fed Officials

Senior Fed officials have been cautioning Wall Street that a reduction in interest rates is not imminent. They emphasize the need for convincing evidence that inflation is tempering towards the Fed’s target of 2% before implementing any rate cuts. The current strength of the U.S. economy has given the Fed time to observe and ensure a sustainable decrease in inflation.

Housing and Labor Costs

Two key factors influencing inflation are housing costs and labor costs. Rising rents have been a significant driver of inflation in recent years, but there are signs of a deceleration in the yearly rate of increase. However, there is a lag before significant changes in rent prices are reflected in the CPI report. The Fed is also closely monitoring core services inflation, excluding housing, as a proxy for labor costs. While labor costs have been gradually easing, they remain a concern for the Fed.


The first big inflation report of 2024 is likely to show a slowdown in the rate of inflation. Economists predict a modest increase in consumer prices, while the core CPI might rise slightly closer to the upper limit tolerated by the Federal Reserve. Fed officials remain cautious about reducing interest rates and are closely monitoring housing and labor costs. Investors are betting on a rate cut if inflation continues to slow. The upcoming report will provide crucial insights into the direction of the economy and the future actions of the Federal Reserve.

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