88 Pictures: Animation Studio Hires Dreamworks Alum

  • Veteran VFX Supervisor Yancy Lindquist joins 88 Pictures’ Toronto office
  • Lindquist brings over 20 years of experience from DreamWorks Animation
  • His recent work on Netflix’s “Nimona” has been nominated for multiple awards
  • 88 Pictures aims to elevate their technical capabilities and push the boundaries of animation excellence


Indian animation studio 88 Pictures has made a significant addition to its team by hiring veteran VFX Supervisor Yancy Lindquist. Lindquist, who joins the company’s Toronto office, brings over 20 years of experience from his time at DreamWorks Animation. With his recent work on Netflix’s “Nimona” being nominated for major awards, Lindquist’s arrival at 88 Pictures is set to elevate the studio’s capabilities and contribute to their goal of pushing the boundaries of animation excellence.

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A Remarkable Journey in Visual Effects

Yancy Lindquist’s extensive experience and expertise in the world of visual effects have been highly regarded in the industry. As the VFX Supervisor for Netflix’s “Nimona,” which is nominated for an Academy Award for Best Animated Feature Film and a Critics Choice Movie Award for Best Animated Feature, Lindquist’s remarkable journey has brought him to the attention of 88 Pictures.

Contributing to the Creative Tapestry of 88 Pictures

Lindquist’s decision to join 88 Pictures is seen as a testament to the company’s rich legacy and commitment to animation excellence. With over two decades of experience at DreamWorks Animation, where he served as the Head of FX on projects like “Flushed Away,” “Monsters vs. Aliens,” “Rise of the Guardians,” “Trolls,” and “Boss Baby,” Lindquist’s arrival is expected to enhance 88 Pictures’ technical capabilities and inspire their creative endeavors.

Aligning with the Vision of 88 Pictures

The Founder and CEO of 88 Pictures, Milind D. Shinde, expressed his excitement about Lindquist’s arrival and the alignment of their visions. Shinde believes that Lindquist’s extensive experience and leadership as a VFX Supervisor, along with his involvement in Academy Award-nominated projects, will contribute to the continued success of 88 Pictures. The studio looks forward to Lindquist’s influence shaping the future of their animation projects.


The hiring of Yancy Lindquist, a veteran VFX Supervisor with an impressive track record, by Indian animation studio 88 Pictures is set to have a significant impact on the studio’s technical capabilities and creative endeavors. With Lindquist’s rich experience and remarkable journey in the world of visual effects, 88 Pictures aims to push the boundaries of animation excellence and continue their legacy of producing high-quality animated content. The addition of Lindquist to their team signifies an exciting new chapter for 88 Pictures and sets the stage for even greater success in the future.

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