90 Day Fiance: Chantel and Giannis – Love’s Fate?

  • Chantel Everett travels to Greece after divorce from Pedro Jimeno
  • Meets Greek soccer player Giannis during a night out
  • Challenges arise as they discuss their future together
  • Signs point to a possible split between Chantel and Giannis


Following her divorce from Pedro Jimeno, 90 Day Fiancé star Chantel Everett is once again pursuing love overseas. This time, she traveled to Greece and found herself drawn to Greek soccer player Giannis. However, fans are now left wondering if this international romance has stood the test of time. Let’s dive into the details of Chantel and Giannis’ journey and find out if they are still together.

Meeting Giannis: A Night Out in Greece

Chantel and Giannis crossed paths during a night out in a Greek club. Giannis, a professional soccer player who had spent the last three years living in London, caught Chantel’s attention. Their initial conversation hinted at a potential connection, with Chantel playfully acknowledging Giannis’ skills and him reciprocating with confidence.

Challenges Faced by the Couple

As their relationship progressed, Chantel revealed her previous marriage to Giannis. Surprisingly, he remained unfazed by her past, displaying a level of understanding that impressed Chantel. The couple faced a major test when Chantel and her friends made a four-hour drive to Giannis’ hometown to meet him. While they enjoyed a sweet dinner date, a serious conversation about their future ensued during a beach outing the following day.

Chantel joked about her future husband potentially being an orphan, to which Giannis responded by emphasizing the importance of his close-knit family. He made it clear that their involvement would be kept separate. Giannis even proposed the idea of Chantel staying in Greece, to which she responded with uncertainty, waiting for him to give her a compelling reason to consider it.

Are Chantel and Giannis Still Together?

Unfortunately, Chantel’s recent actions and social media behavior suggest that she and Giannis might have gone their separate ways. Chantel has landed a new job as an aesthetics nurse in Georgia, indicating no plans to relocate. Additionally, she does not follow Giannis on social media, further hinting that their romance may have been a fleeting vacation fling.


While Chantel Everett’s pursuit of love in Greece seemed promising, the current signs point to a possible split with Giannis. Only time will tell if these two reality TV stars can defy the odds and find lasting love. Fans eagerly await any updates from Chantel regarding her relationship status. Will she find her happily ever after or continue her search for love on the international stage?

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