Action stars Bautista and Jackson unite in ‘Afterburn’

  • Acclaimed actors Dave Bautista and Samuel L. Jackson are teaming up for the highly anticipated action-packed movie ‘Afterburn’.
  • The film is set in a post-apocalyptic world, 10 years after a devastating solar flare has wiped out technology worldwide.
  • Bautista will play the role of ex-soldier Jake, a treasure hunter tasked with recovering valuable artifacts from the old world for powerful clients.
  • His latest mission is to join forces with freedom fighter Drea, played by Jackson, to retrieve the legendary Mona Lisa before it falls into the hands of an unhinged warlord.
  • ‘Afterburn’ is based on the popular Red 5 comic/graphic novel series of the same name.
  • The movie will be directed by J.J. Perry, known for his work on the ‘John Wick’ and ‘Fast & Furious’ franchises, and produced by Neal H. Moritz, Toby Jaffe, and Steve Richards.
  • Principal photography is scheduled to begin in April in Europe, with Black Bear handling international sales and CAA Media Finance representing the film domestically.


Get ready for an adrenaline-fueled cinematic experience as Dave Bautista and Samuel L. Jackson join forces in the upcoming post-apocalyptic adventure film ‘Afterburn’. This highly anticipated movie takes place in a world devastated by a solar flare that has wiped out technology across the globe. As fans eagerly await its release, the film promises to deliver thrilling action sequences, captivating storytelling, and the dynamic chemistry between two powerhouse actors.

The Plot

‘Afterburn’ follows the story of ex-soldier Jake, portrayed by Dave Bautista, who now works as a treasure hunter in the aftermath of the solar flare. His job involves retrieving valuable artifacts from the old world for influential clients. However, his latest mission is no ordinary task. Jake must team up with freedom fighter Drea, played by Samuel L. Jackson, to recover the world-famous painting, the Mona Lisa, before a deranged warlord gets his hands on it.

A Passion Project

‘Afterburn’ is based on the acclaimed Red 5 comic/graphic novel series, and it has been a long-time passion project for the producers. Originally conceived in 2018, the film has now gained fresh momentum with the addition of Dave Bautista and Samuel L. Jackson to its star-studded cast. With an imminent start date and an impressive budget, ‘Afterburn’ is set to make waves at the upcoming European Film Market.

Director and Producers

The film will be directed by J.J. Perry, known for his work as a second-unit director and stunt coordinator on successful franchises such as ‘John Wick’ and ‘Fast & Furious’. The producers include Neal H. Moritz and Toby Jaffe from Original Film, along with Steve Richards from Endurance Media, who is also financing the project. Bautista, in addition to his acting role, will serve as a producer under his production banner, Dogbone Entertainment.


‘Afterburn’ is gearing up to be an exhilarating cinematic event, blending explosive action, captivating storytelling, and the unmatched talents of Dave Bautista and Samuel L. Jackson. With an esteemed director at the helm and an all-star cast, this post-apocalyptic adventure is set to captivate audiences worldwide. Keep an eye out for ‘Afterburn’ as it prepares to embark on its thrilling journey, bringing together two of the most prominent actors in the industry.

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