AUS vs IND U-19 Final: ICC U-19 World Cup 2023/24 Match Preview

  • India and Australia meet in the Under-19 World Cup final for the third time since June 2023
  • India, the defending champions, are gunning for their sixth title while Australia seeks their first win since 2010
  • Both teams have had their fair share of challenges along the way
  • The match will take place in Benoni, South Africa, with a strong Indian presence in the local community


India and Australia are set to clash in the final of the Under-19 World Cup, marking their third encounter since June 2023. The stakes are high as India aims to defend their title and secure their sixth championship win, while Australia seeks to end their ten-year drought. This final is reminiscent of the one from November last year, but with Benoni hosting the match instead of the intimidating Ahmedabad. However, the large Indian community in South Africa will surely make their presence felt.

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India’s Road to the Final

India, the most successful side in the history of the Under-19 World Cup, has had a smooth journey to the final. Their batting strategy of consolidating and then accelerating in the death overs has proven successful. However, they faced their toughest challenge yet in the semi-final against South Africa, where they found themselves in deep trouble at 32 for 4 while chasing 246. Uday Saharan and Sachin Dhas showcased their temperament and resilience, orchestrating a historic partnership to guide India to victory. This victory highlighted the squad’s strength and the benefits of their game time preparation.

Australia’s Path to the Final

Australia had their fair share of challenges on their way to the final. They narrowly escaped defeat in the semi-finals against Pakistan, needing four runs off the final over with one wicket in hand. Pakistan’s over-rate penalty worked in Australia’s favor, as they had only four fielders outside the ring. A fortunate boundary off the inside edge secured Australia’s victory, leaving Pakistan heartbroken. Earlier in the tournament, Australia also had a tough time against West Indies, but they managed to recover and post a competitive total.

Key Players to Watch

Both teams boast talented young players who have impressed throughout the tournament. Australia’s Sam Konstas has showcased his batting prowess with a century under pressure. Callum Vidler’s impressive bowling speed has garnered attention, with 12 wickets to his name. India’s Arshin Kulkarni and Harjas Singh have the potential to make a significant impact if they find their form in the final. Kulkarni, known for his powerful hitting, has struggled to perform consistently, while Singh, a left-handed stroke-maker, has yet to make a significant contribution.


The stage is set for an exciting final between India and Australia in the Under-19 World Cup. As both teams aim for glory, the match promises to be a thrilling contest. The Indian community in Benoni will add to the atmosphere, supporting their team and making their presence felt. The journey to the final has been challenging for both sides, but their talent and determination have guided them to this point. Fans and cricket enthusiasts around the world eagerly await the outcome of this highly anticipated clash.

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