Ayo Edebiri Laughs Off Jennifer Lopez Podcast Controversy

  • Comedian Ayo Edebiri wants her past comments about Jennifer Lopez to serve as a cautionary tale for fellow comedians.
  • Tina Fey recently advised her colleagues on the “Las Culturistas” podcast to be cautious about publicly sharing critical opinions as they gain fame.
  • Edebiri’s remarks about Lopez’s career being “one long scam” resurfaced on Laci Mosley’s “Scam Goddess” podcast, causing a stir.
  • Despite the controversy, Edebiri addressed the drama in a sketch on Saturday Night Live (SNL), emphasizing the need for thoughtfulness in online comments.
  • Lopez did not directly address the remarks but received praise from Edebiri after her performance on SNL.


Comedian Ayo Edebiri aims to turn the controversy surrounding her past comments about Jennifer Lopez into a valuable lesson for her fellow comedians. The incident highlights the potential pitfalls of expressing critical opinions publicly, particularly as one’s fame grows.

Comedian Tina Fey’s Advice

In a recent episode of the “Las Culturistas” podcast, Tina Fey advised cohosts Bowen Yang and Matt Rogers to exercise caution when sharing their critical opinions. Fey stressed the importance of keeping certain thoughts to oneself, especially when it comes to potential collaborations or working with influential figures in the industry.

She warned against the dangers of authenticity in the public eye, emphasizing that it can be both risky and costly. Fey’s advice serves as a valuable reminder for comedians and entertainers navigating the challenging landscape of fame.

Edebiri’s Controversial Comments

Ayo Edebiri found herself in hot water when a clip from her 2020 appearance on Laci Mosley’s “Scam Goddess” podcast resurfaced. In the clip, Edebiri made several jokes about Jennifer Lopez’s career, suggesting it was “one long scam.”

Her comments quickly went viral, coinciding with her upcoming appearance on Saturday Night Live (SNL), where she would share the stage with Lopez. The timing intensified the scrutiny and added an extra layer of tension to the situation.

Edebiri Addresses the Drama on SNL

During her SNL debut, Ayo Edebiri took the opportunity to address the controversy surrounding her comments about Lopez. In a sketch with SNL cast members Chloe Fineman and Andrew Dismukes, the trio played game show contestants who were asked to explain their mean Instagram comments.

Edebiri’s character admitted to writing hurtful comments and acknowledged the need for greater thoughtfulness and restraint in online interactions. By confronting the issue head-on, she aimed to convey a lesson about the potential impact of careless remarks.

Lopez’s Response

While Jennifer Lopez did not directly address Ayo Edebiri’s comments, she received praise from Edebiri after her SNL performance. Edebiri thanked Lopez during the closing segment of the show, expressing her gratitude for the opportunity and proclaiming it as a dream come true. Despite the controversy, Edebiri maintained a positive attitude and acknowledged the talent of Lopez and the SNL cast and crew.


Ayo Edebiri’s experience with the backlash from her comments about Jennifer Lopez serves as a reminder for comedians and entertainers to be mindful of the potential consequences of their words. The incident underscores the need for thoughtfulness and restraint when expressing opinions publicly, particularly as one’s fame grows. By reflecting on her own mistakes, Edebiri hopes to inspire her peers to be more considerate in their online interactions and comedic content.

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