Banijay Asia recruits Disney’s Jessica Kam-Engle, SE Asia

  • Former Disney APAC content chief Jessica Kam-Engle joins Banijay Asia
  • Kam-Engle appointed as EVP & Business Head of CreAsia Studio
  • CreAsia Studio to focus on creating local originals and producing adaptations of Banijay formats
  • Kam-Engle responsible for driving business strategy and growth in Southeast Asia
  • Banijay Asia aims to tap into newer markets and diversify its portfolio in the entertainment sector


Disney APAC’s former content chief, Jessica Kam-Engle, has made a significant move by joining Banijay Asia to launch a new venture in Southeast Asia. Kam-Engle has been named the EVP & Business Head of CreAsia Studio, a division within Banijay Asia that will primarily focus on creating local originals and producing adaptations of Banijay formats in the region.

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A Proven Track Record

Jessica Kam-Engle brings with her a wealth of experience in the entertainment industry. Having held key positions at HBO Asia, Warner Media Entertainment Networks, MTV Networks/Viacom, and other major players, Kam-Engle has a proven track record in content development and production.

During her tenure as Head of Content and Development for Disney+ in APAC, Kam-Engle commissioned over 60 original series, including popular Korean dramas such as “Moving,” “Big Bet,” and “Connect.” She was also responsible for the success of Japanese live-action series “Gannibal” and Chinese-language series “Taiwan Crime Stories” and “Delicacies Destiny.”

Prior to her role at Disney, Kam-Engle served as the Head of Original Production for HBO Asia, overseeing the production of original TV series and feature films across Asia. Her extensive experience and expertise make her a valuable asset for Banijay Asia’s expansion plans.

Driving Business Strategy and Growth

As the EVP & Business Head of CreAsia Studio, Kam-Engle will report to Dhar, the CEO of Banijay Asia, and will be responsible for driving business strategy and growth in key Southeast Asian markets, including Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Philippines, Vietnam, and Thailand.

With her deep understanding of the Asian market and her impressive portfolio of successful productions, Kam-Engle is expected to lead CreAsia Studio to become a leading presence in the region. Banijay Asia aims to leverage Kam-Engle’s expertise, along with their global IPs and marquee concepts, to develop exciting collaborations and produce high-quality content in Southeast Asia.

Tapping into New Markets

Banijay Asia’s decision to hire Jessica Kam-Engle and establish CreAsia Studio reflects the company’s commitment to tapping into newer markets and diversifying its portfolio in the vibrant South East Asian entertainment sector. With Southeast Asia’s growing influence in the global entertainment industry, Banijay Asia aims to capitalize on the vast opportunities for developing local and global IPs in the region.

By leveraging Banijay’s world-class content production expertise and its global distribution clout, Kam-Engle and the CreAsia Studio team will collaborate with key players in the region to create compelling content that resonates with the local audience while also having the potential for global appeal.


Jessica Kam-Engle’s appointment as the EVP & Business Head of CreAsia Studio marks a significant milestone for Banijay Asia’s expansion plans in Southeast Asia. With her unparalleled experience in the Asian market and Banijay’s global IPs and concepts, Kam-Engle is well-positioned to steer the company towards a leading presence in the region.

As Banijay Asia continues to grow and diversify its portfolio, the establishment of CreAsia Studio under Kam-Engle’s leadership signifies the company’s commitment to developing high-quality content in Southeast Asia. With the region’s rich pool of creative talent and the support of Banijay’s expertise and distribution network, exciting collaborations and groundbreaking productions are expected to emerge from CreAsia Studio in the near future.

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