Ben Stokes Reacts to Controversial LBW Dismissal: Cricket Drama

England captain Ben Stokes questions DRS decision in Zak Crawley’s dismissal

    • Crawley’s dismissal in the Vizag Test sparks outrage among English fans and experts
    • Stokes believes technology got it wrong and urges acceptance of the decision

In a controversial moment during the second innings of the Vizag Test between England and India, opener Zak Crawley was given out after a delivery stayed low and hit him on the pads. The decision, made with the assistance of technology, sparked outrage among English fans and experts. England captain Ben Stokes has now voiced his opinion, stating that he believes the technology made an incorrect decision in Crawley’s dismissal.

Stokes Questions Technology’s Decision

During the post-match press conference, Ben Stokes was asked about Zak Crawley’s dismissal and the use of technology in the game. Stokes expressed his belief that technology got it wrong in this particular instance. He acknowledged that technology is not always 100 percent accurate, which is why the “umpire’s call” rule is in place. However, he stated that it is not unfair for someone to question the technology when it appears to have made an incorrect decision.

Acceptance and Moving On

Despite his disagreement with the decision, Stokes emphasized the importance of accepting it and moving on. He stated that dwelling too much on a dismissal can be counterproductive and that it is better to focus on the next challenge rather than lamenting a past decision. Stokes acknowledged that in a game filled with uncertainties, it is impossible to change decisions that have already been made.

Crawley’s Performance and India’s Victory

Zak Crawley had been the lone warrior in England’s batting lineup during the Vizag Test. He held his team’s innings together while wickets fell at the opposite end. Crawley had also reached a fifty in the first innings before being caught brilliantly by Shreyas Iyer off Axar Patel’s delivery. However, India’s Kuldeep Yadav proved to be a key player in Crawley’s dismissal during the second innings. Yadav’s spell of 1/60 in 15 overs included the crucial wicket of Crawley, contributing to India’s victory by 106 runs and leveling the five-match series.


While Ben Stokes believes that technology made the incorrect decision in Zak Crawley’s dismissal during the Vizag Test, he encourages acceptance of the decision and moving forward. Crawley’s performance in the match was commendable, but ultimately, India emerged victorious. The controversy surrounding the decision adds fuel to the ongoing debate about the role of technology in cricket. Share your thoughts on whether technology should have the final say in such crucial moments.

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