Ben Stokes Reflects on Bizarre Run-Out Dismissal

  • Ben Stokes reflects on his dismissal in the second innings of the second test
  • The dismissal proved crucial in India’s victory and leveling the series
  • Stokes admits to making a stupid mistake and being a topic of debate in the game


In a candid interview, England captain Ben Stokes has spoken out about the strange mix-up that led to his dismissal in the second innings of the second test against India. The dismissal proved to be a turning point in the match, ultimately securing victory for the home team and leveling the series at 1-1. Stokes reflects on the moment, admitting his mistake and acknowledging the constant scrutiny he faces in the game.

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A Crucial Moment and a Stupid Mistake

During the fourth day of the second test, Ben Stokes’ dismissal marked a crucial moment in the game. England was under pressure and looking to rotate the strike, so they went for a single. However, a mix-up with teammate Ben Foakes led to a stunning run-out dismissal. Speaking on his dismissal, Stokes admitted that he was trying to sprint faster but couldn’t, describing it as a bizarre couple of seconds. He acknowledged that it was a stupid mistake on his part and expressed disappointment in himself for getting dismissed in such a fashion.

Always a Topic of Debate

Ben Stokes is no stranger to being a topic of debate in the game. Whether it’s for his exceptional performances or his occasional mistakes, he understands that his actions often become talking points. He said, “You’d think by now at 32 I’d learn not to do that, it’s not the first time I’ve been run out doing something stupid. I always seem to do something that’s a talking point, good or bad, don’t I?” Despite the scrutiny, Stokes remains determined to continue giving his best for the team.

Series Level and Stokes’ Struggles

Following the dismissal, England’s hopes rested on the shoulders of Ben Foakes and Tom Hartley, who made 36 runs to keep the team in the game. However, Stokes’ run-out proved to be the final blow for the visitors as they were bowled out for 292 while chasing 399. Throughout the series, Stokes has struggled to find consistency with the bat, only managing to score 134 runs in four innings. Despite this, his captaincy has been commendable, and the series now stands at one apiece as it moves to Rajkot for the third test.


Ben Stokes’ candid admission about his bizarre run-out dismissal in the second test highlights his self-awareness and willingness to learn from his mistakes. While his dismissal played a significant role in India’s victory, it also serves as a reminder of the pressures and scrutiny faced by professional cricketers. As the five-match Test series continues, all eyes will be on Stokes as he strives to make a strong comeback and contribute to England’s success.

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