Biden’s Brain Dilemma: Bill Maher Reluctantly Shares

  • Bill Maher’s alleged shift from ultra-liberal to more conservative stance
  • Focused on Biden’s mental decline and the recent Department of Justice report
  • Panel discussion featuring Emmy-winning sportscaster Bob Costas and Caitlin Flanagan
  • Controversial remarks on Biden’s ability to lead and possible replacements
  • Interview with Coleman Hughes on the impact of social media on race relations


Bill Maher, the renowned political commentator and host of Real Time, finds himself at the center of a heated debate over his alleged shift from an ultra-liberal to a more conservative stance. This controversy reached new heights during Friday’s episode of Real Time, where Maher delved into what he referred to as “Biden’s Brain.” This topic has gained significant attention in recent days, thanks to a Department of Justice report and President Biden’s attempts to refute it.

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Bill Maher’s Jabs at Biden

During his monologue, Bill Maher wasted no time in taking jabs at President Biden. Maher highlighted Biden’s decline of a Super Bowl interview, scoffing at the notion that it was a significant request, stating, “It’s not like they were asking him to appear on Dancing With The Stars.” Maher continued by pointing out some of Biden’s confusions, including mixing up politicians. He also criticized Biden’s press conference response to the Department of Justice report, recounting the President’s entrance into the room with the question, “Why did I come in here again?”

A Fiery Panel Discussion

The panel discussion that followed Maher’s monologue further intensified the debate. Emmy-winning sportscaster Bob Costas and Caitlin Flanagan, a staff writer at The Atlantic, joined Maher in holding President Biden’s feet to the fire. Maher began by reiterating his belief that Biden is akin to Ruth Bader Biden, a politician who has “stayed too long at the fair.”

Costas took it a step further, stating the uncomfortable truth that many are hesitant to voice. He argued that Biden should have run as a one-term president and that the only reason he won was that he wasn’t Trump. Costas boldly proclaimed, “If he doesn’t understand that, he has to be shown the door.” He went on to argue that if Trump is a threat to democracy, so too are the Democrats if they continue to champion Biden. Costas questioned whether Biden was the right person to slay the dragon.

Exploring Biden’s Possible Replacements

The conversation then shifted to potential replacements for President Biden, with Gavin Newsom being prominently discussed. However, Caitlin Flanagan expressed her reservations about Newsom, citing the deterioration in Oakland as evidence of his inability to effectively govern. Flanagan criticized Newsom’s lack of willingness to tackle the hard issues and improve the state, stating, “He looks very shiny, but he is not willing to do the hard things to make this state better.” Maher struggled to find a rebuttal, expressing hope that running nationally might bring Newsom closer to the center.

The Impact of Social Media on Race Relations

In an earlier segment, Bill Maher interviewed Coleman Hughes, host of the “Conversations With Coleman” podcast. Hughes delved into the impact of social media and smartphones on race relations in America. He argued that these platforms often provide an unrepresentative picture of the true state of race relations, leading to misunderstandings and heightened tensions.


Bill Maher’s discussion on “Biden’s Brain” has added fuel to the accusations of his alleged shift from ultra-liberal to more conservative views. The panel’s fiery debate and the interview with Coleman Hughes shed light on the challenges faced by President Biden and the broader issues surrounding race relations. As the debate continues to rage on, it remains to be seen how Maher’s controversial remarks will shape the public discourse and influence the political landscape.

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