Bradley Cooper Shines at Santa Barbara Film Fest

  • Cooper receives Outstanding Performer Of The Year award
  • In-depth conversation highlights Cooper’s career
  • Cooper reveals interesting tidbits about his films
  • Pitt delivers hilarious and supportive presentation


The Santa Barbara International Film Festival was filled with excitement and anticipation as 12-time Oscar nominee Bradley Cooper took the stage to receive the Outstanding Performer Of The Year award. The event was made even more memorable with presenter Brad Pitt, who delivered a hilarious and supportive presentation. But before the award ceremony, Cooper sat down for an in-depth conversation, chronicling his career and sharing interesting insights about his films. The evening was a celebration of Cooper’s talent and his impact on the awards circuit.

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Highlights from the Conversation

During the conversation, Cooper shared several memorable moments from his career:

  • Cooper’s first paying job in front of a camera was for “Sex and the City.” He recalled feeling terrified when he got the call because he didn’t realize he could actually get the job.
  • Cooper revealed that he had always wanted to be an actor since he was 11 years old. Movies like “The Godfather” and “Popeye” inspired him, but he was initially shy and terrified to pursue his dream.
  • Reflecting on his breakout role in “The Hangover,” Cooper admitted that they didn’t know what they were making at the time and weren’t even sure if it was a comedy. He laughed about the experience and expressed his willingness to do a fourth installment.
  • Discussing his experience as an actor and director, Cooper expressed his love for both roles. He finds being in the field as an Actor/Director intoxicating, but he also loves acting so much that he would be willing to just direct if given the opportunity.
  • Cooper also touched on his memorable Oscars performance singing “Shallow” with Lady Gaga. He revealed that he had no desire to sing live on network television but felt the pressure to do so. He described the experience as awesome.

Pitt’s Presentation and Cooper’s Acceptance

During his presentation, Brad Pitt brought the house down with his humor and praise for Cooper. He joked about wanting to milk Cooper for a free trip to Santa Barbara and revealed that he was almost cast in “A Star Is Born.” Pitt expressed his hope that Cooper would finally win an Oscar and assured everyone that even if he didn’t, it’s just a matter of time.

When accepting his award, Cooper expressed his gratitude for the privilege of being able to make movies. He acknowledged the impact that movies have had on his life and how they have inspired and changed him. Cooper humbly accepted the accolades and expressed his blessings in life.


The Santa Barbara International Film Festival was a night to remember as Bradley Cooper was honored with the Outstanding Performer Of The Year award. The conversation with Cooper provided an in-depth look at his career and showcased his talents as both an actor and director. Brad Pitt’s presentation added humor and support to the evening, making it a truly memorable experience. As Cooper continues his journey on the awards circuit, it’s clear that his talent and dedication will continue to shine.

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