Bradley Cooper’s Terrifying TV Debut: Sex and the City

  • Cooper reflects on his first acting role during a Q&A at the Santa Barbara Film Festival
  • The actor played a short-lived love interest of Carrie Bradshaw in season 2
  • Cooper admits he was initially unsure if he would get the job
  • His fib about being able to drive a stick shift led to changes in the episode


Bradley Cooper, renowned actor and filmmaker, recently opened up about his first on-screen role during a Q&A session at the Santa Barbara Film Festival. Cooper, now 49, revealed that he was “terrified” when he made his debut appearance on the hit TV show ‘Sex and the City’ during its second season. His role as Jake, a downtown smoker and short-lived love interest of Carrie Bradshaw, played by Sarah Jessica Parker, left a lasting impression on him.

Cooper’s Initial Doubts

During the Q&A, Cooper reminisced about auditioning for the role and how he didn’t realize he could actually land the job. He candidly admitted, “Honestly, I thought that I had a job as a doorman at Morgans Hotel and then I was lucky enough to audition.” Cooper’s disbelief at securing the role led to feelings of anxiety and doubt. He questioned whether he was capable of performing on such a renowned series.

A Fib That Changed the Episode

Cooper’s nerves were further heightened when he fibbed about being able to drive a stick shift. As a result, he attended Models Driving School to learn. However, even with the training, he still struggled to drive the car during filming. The episode’s director and writer, Michael Patrick King, revealed in a podcast interview that they had to make changes to accommodate Cooper’s driving difficulties. Ultimately, the scene was altered, with Carrie crawling out of the car and walking herself home.

A Memorable Experience

Despite his initial fears and mishaps, Cooper looks back fondly on his ‘Sex and the City’ experience. He described it as “really fun” and praised Sarah Jessica Parker’s incredible talent. The episode in which he appeared, celebrating its 25th anniversary this year, holds a special place in Cooper’s heart. He jokingly remarked, “S–t, I’ve been around, dude,” highlighting the passage of time since his on-screen debut.


Bradley Cooper’s revelation about his on-screen debut on ‘Sex and the City’ offers a glimpse into the early days of his successful acting career. Despite his initial fears and uncertainties, Cooper embraced the opportunity and delivered a memorable performance. His honesty about feeling “terrified” serves as a reminder that even the most accomplished actors face challenges and doubts. Cooper’s story is a testament to the transformative power of stepping outside one’s comfort zone and seizing opportunities.

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