Britney Spears Reacts to Justin Timberlake’s Apology Snub

  • Spears expresses her sincere apology to those she may have offended
  • Timberlake ignores Spears’ apology, causing tension between the two
  • Spears finds Timberlake’s snub “humiliating” and feels disheartened


In a recent turn of events, Britney Spears took to social media to express her heartfelt apology to the people she genuinely cares about. However, her apology did not receive the response she had hoped for from Justin Timberlake, leaving the “Toxic” singer feeling disheartened and humiliated.

Spears shared her apology in the caption of a post featuring a clip from Timberlake’s recent appearance on Jimmy Fallon’s talk show. She also took the opportunity to praise Timberlake’s new song “Selfish” and express her amusement at seeing Timberlake and Fallon together. However, Timberlake did not reciprocate the sentiment and instead chose to snub Spears during a concert in New York City.

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Spears’ Sincere Apology

Britney Spears, known for her genuine and caring nature, decided to address any potential offense she may have caused to the people she holds dear. In her social media post, she expressed deep remorse for any harm she may have unintentionally caused. This sincere apology showcased Spears’ humility and desire to maintain strong relationships with those she cares about.

Timberlake’s Ignorance and Snub

Unfortunately, Justin Timberlake did not respond to Spears’ apology in the same spirit of reconciliation. During his concert at Irving Plaza in New York City, Timberlake took the opportunity to apologize to absolutely nobody, leaving Spears feeling humiliated by the public snub. The lack of acknowledgment from Timberlake has only deepened the rift between the two former lovers.

Spears’ Humiliation and Disheartenment

Spears, who expected her apology to be received with open arms and forgiveness, was left disheartened by Timberlake’s actions. The public snub has not only humiliated her but has also caused her to question the sincerity of their past relationship. Spears now finds herself grappling with the disappointment of not receiving the closure she had hoped for.


The recent interaction between Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake has left the “Oops!… I Did It Again” singer feeling humiliated and disheartened. Despite her sincere apology, Timberlake chose to ignore it publicly, causing further tension between the two. This unexpected turn of events has sparked discussions among fans and the media, leaving them wondering about the true nature of their past relationship and the possibility of reconciliation in the future.

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