Burns & Co. Productions: A Captivating James Stewart Biopic

  • Burns & Co. Prods. secures exclusive rights to bring James Stewart’s inspiring tale to theaters
  • A Truly Wonderful Life will delve into Stewart’s experiences of valor, purpose, and faith
  • Aaron Burns and his team collaborating with Stewart’s daughter, Kelly Stewart-Harcourt
  • Stewart’s remarkable journey from an Oscar-winning actor to squadron commander during World War II
  • Frank Capra’s request for Stewart to star in It’s A Wonderful Life as a pivotal moment
  • Burns expresses honor in preserving Stewart’s legacy and sharing the real Jimmy with audiences


Burns & Co. Prods. has made an exciting announcement, revealing their acquisition of the exclusive rights to bring James Stewart’s extraordinary life story to the big screen. The theatrical movie, tentatively titled A Truly Wonderful Life, will showcase the inspiring journey of the beloved actor, highlighting his valor, purpose, and faith. This project is a result of the collaboration between Aaron Burns, director/producer at Burns & Co., and Kelly Stewart-Harcourt, Stewart’s daughter, who is serving as executive producer for the film.

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From Hollywood to the Skies: Stewart’s Remarkable Journey

Shortly after receiving an Oscar in 1941, James Stewart made a decision that would change the course of his life. He enlisted in the U.S. Army Air Corps and earned his wings as a combat pilot. Stewart’s everyman charm and natural leadership abilities propelled him to the rank of squadron commander, where he fearlessly led fellow Americans through perilous combat missions over Germany.

A Wonderful Life and Beyond: Stewart’s Collaboration with Frank Capra

Upon his return from the war, Stewart was approached by acclaimed director Frank Capra with an offer to star in a film that would forever solidify his place in cinematic history. It’s A Wonderful Life became a beloved classic, resonating with audiences around the world. When reflecting on the movie’s success, Stewart once said, “It’s simply about an ordinary man who discovers that living each ordinary day honorably, with faith in God and a selfless concern for others, can make for a truly wonderful life.”

Burns & Co. Prods. Takes the Helm

Aaron Burns, recognized for his work in producing and directing family films, expressed his deep gratitude for being entrusted with James Stewart’s legacy. Burns and his team are committed to taking moviegoers on a remarkable journey, unveiling the real Jimmy and the profound impact his father’s prayers and collaboration with Frank Capra had on him during his darkest hours. Stewart’s embodiment of the characters he portrayed on screen extended beyond the realm of acting, manifesting as a loving husband, devoted father, and exemplary citizen.


The announcement of Burns & Co. Prods.’ acquisition of the exclusive rights to James Stewart’s story for a big-screen adaptation has sparked excitement and anticipation. Audiences will soon have the opportunity to witness the remarkable life of an extraordinary man who exemplified valor, purpose, and faith. The collaboration between Aaron Burns and Kelly Stewart-Harcourt promises to deliver an authentic and inspiring portrayal of Stewart’s journey. Stay tuned for updates on A Truly Wonderful Life, and join us in celebrating the legacy of James Stewart.

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