ByteDance CEO Seeks Submissive Women: Shocking Revelations

  • TikTok accused of promoting stereotypical gender roles
  • Former marketing executive files sex discrimination and retaliation lawsuit
  • Allegations include disparate treatment and unlawful termination


TikTok, the popular social media platform owned by ByteDance, has become a major source of news for people under 30. However, a recent lawsuit filed by former marketing executive Katie Puris alleges that the company promotes a stereotypical view of women’s behavior and discriminates against those who do not conform to this mold. The lawsuit, filed in federal court in New York, highlights the alleged mistreatment and retaliation Puris faced during her time at TikTok.

Accusations of Discrimination

Disparate Treatment and Unlawful Termination

In the sex discrimination and retaliation lawsuit, Puris claims that after being invited to attend meetings with ByteDance Chairman Lidong Zhang, she faced disparate treatment and was ultimately terminated because she did not exhibit the docility and meekness expected of female employees. These allegations suggest that TikTok’s corporate executives hold outdated views on gender roles.

Hostile Work Environment

Puris details her three years at TikTok, describing a hostile work environment reminiscent of the TV show Mad Men. She alleges that after experiencing putdowns and dismissive reactions from Zhang, she was told to stay quiet about these incidents and was even restricted from speaking in company meetings. The lawsuit also mentions a “kill list” targeting Puris and negative comments made by her immediate team, along with other issues such as the long workdays and micromanagement.

Concerns Raised

Gender Imbalance in Leadership

According to Puris, she expressed concerns about the lack of women in permanent leadership roles during the North America reorganization. This suggests that TikTok has a gender imbalance in its higher ranks, potentially perpetuating discriminatory practices.

Sexual Harassment Incident

Puris also raised concerns about TikTok’s handling of a sexual harassment incident at Cannes Lion, a prominent advertising festival. By highlighting this incident, Puris implies that the company did not take appropriate action to address the issue, further exacerbating the hostile work environment for women.

Emphasis on Hiring “Young, Fresh Talent”

Another concern Puris expressed was TikTok’s emphasis on hiring “young, fresh talent.” This raises questions about age discrimination within the company and potentially excludes experienced professionals, particularly women, from leadership positions.


TikTok’s reputation as a major source of news for young people is now overshadowed by allegations of discrimination and a hostile work environment. The lawsuit filed by Katie Puris against TikTok and its chairman Lidong Zhang exposes the company’s alleged promotion of stereotypical gender roles and mistreatment of female employees. As the case unfolds, it remains to be seen how TikTok will respond and whether they will address the concerns raised by Puris and other employees. It is crucial for companies to foster an inclusive and respectful workplace culture, regardless of the platform’s popularity or success.

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