CEO Steve Youngwood Exits Sesame Workshop, Sherrie Westin Takes Over

  • Sherrie Westin assumes role as interim CEO of Sesame Workshop
  • Steve Youngwood steps down after nine years with the organization
  • Recruitment firm hired to find permanent CEO
  • Sesame Street has produced close to 5,000 episodes
  • The show originally aired on PBS and is now streaming on HBO Max


Sesame Workshop, the non-profit organization behind the beloved children’s television series Sesame Street, has announced a change in leadership. Sherrie Westin, who currently serves as President of Sesame Workshop, will take over as interim CEO following the departure of Steve Youngwood. This transition comes as the organization continues to expand its reach globally and adapt to the changing media landscape.

Steve Youngwood Steps Down

After nine years with Sesame Workshop, Steve Youngwood has decided to step down as CEO. During his tenure, Youngwood played a crucial role in expanding the organization’s impact and securing partnerships that allowed Sesame Street to reach a wider audience. Under his leadership, the show made the transition from PBS to HBO in 2016 and is now available for streaming on HBO Max.

Sherrie Westin Takes the Helm

Sherrie Westin, who has been with Sesame Workshop since 2011, will assume the role of interim CEO while the board of trustees conducts a search for a permanent replacement. As President of Sesame Workshop, Westin has been instrumental in shaping the organization’s strategic direction and overseeing its various initiatives. With her extensive experience and deep understanding of Sesame Street’s mission, Westin is well-positioned to lead the organization during this transitional period.

Continuing Success and Global Impact

Gabrielle Sulzberger, Chair of the Sesame Workshop Board of Trustees, expressed gratitude for Steve Youngwood’s contributions and highlighted the organization’s continued success under his leadership. Sulzberger praised Sesame Workshop’s expanded reach and impact globally, emphasizing that the organization is well-positioned for ongoing success. With a strong foundation in place, the board is confident that Sesame Workshop will continue to make a positive social impact long into the future.

Looking Ahead

Steve Youngwood expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to work with the talented individuals at Sesame Workshop. He expressed his confidence in the organization’s ability to continue its positive social impact and wished them well in their future endeavors. As Sherrie Westin takes the reins as interim CEO, Sesame Workshop will be working closely with a recruitment firm to find a permanent CEO who will guide the organization into its next chapter.


The appointment of Sherrie Westin as interim CEO of Sesame Workshop marks a new chapter for the iconic children’s television series Sesame Street. With her extensive experience and dedication to the organization’s mission, Westin is poised to lead Sesame Workshop through this transition. As the search for a permanent CEO begins, Sesame Workshop remains committed to its global impact and positive social contributions. Stay tuned for further updates on the future of Sesame Street and its continued success.

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