Cloudflare earnings propel stock to 14-month high.

  • Wall Street praises Cloudflare’s latest earnings
  • Analysts cautious due to concerns about valuation
  • Cloudflare’s technology and market opportunity offset by mixed business environment
  • Executives’ commentary on enterprise sales capability and AI potential have a strong effect
  • Cloudflare gains enterprise traction and brings on industry veteran as president
  • Valuation keeps some analysts on the sidelines
  • Cloudflare positioned as a key enabler in cybersecurity, AI, and edge compute


Cloudflare Inc. has received big praise on Wall Street for its latest earnings report. The company is executing well and benefiting from strong secular trends in networking, security, and generative artificial intelligence infrastructure. However, the majority of analysts are still cautious about recommending Cloudflare’s stock due to concerns about its valuation.

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The Impact of Cloudflare’s Earnings

Cloudflare’s stock is making progress back in the direction of its $200-plus highs reached two years ago. Investors are rewarding the company’s strong performance, with shares surging 22.1% in Friday morning trading. This marks the largest single-day percentage gain since November 2022. However, despite the positive reaction from investors, most analysts remain cautious about Cloudflare’s stock.

Analysts’ Cautious Stance

Only 38% of analysts who cover Cloudflare’s stock have bullish ratings. Concerns about the company’s valuation and the mixed business environment are contributing factors. While Cloudflare’s beat-and-raise quarter and margin expansion excited Wall Street, analysts believe these factors alone do not explain the stock’s massive gains. The company’s leadership has emphasized their success in developing enterprise sales capability and new security-product lines, as well as traction in their edge network related to AI.

Cloudflare’s Positioning and Valuation

Cloudflare has gained enterprise traction and brought on industry veteran Mark Anderson as its president. While some analysts remain bullish on the company’s future growth potential, others are cautious about its valuation. The stock is considered one of the most expensive assets in software, trading at 23 times enterprise value to forward revenue. Analysts are waiting for a better entry point before recommending the stock.


Cloudflare’s latest earnings report has received praise on Wall Street, but concerns about valuation have kept many analysts from recommending the stock. While the company’s technology and market opportunity are promising, the mixed business environment and premium valuation give analysts pause. Despite this caution, Cloudflare’s position as a key enabler in cybersecurity, AI, and edge compute has the potential to drive future growth. As the company continues to innovate and execute well, investors and analysts will closely monitor its progress.

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