Controversial DRS Call: Brad Hogg on Zak Crawley’s Dismissal

  • Former Australian cricketer Brad Hogg supports the DRS decision to dismiss Zak Crawley in the second innings.
  • Hogg believes that the England opener was at fault for playing the ball on the back foot.
  • The controversy surrounding the dismissal has sparked outrage and surprise from the England team management.


Former Australian cricketer Brad Hogg has weighed in on the controversy surrounding the dismissal of England opener Zak Crawley in the second innings against India. Hogg believes that the decision made by the Decision Review System (DRS) was the right one, despite the uproar it has caused. In this article, we explore Hogg’s analysis of the dismissal and the subsequent reactions from both sides.

Brad Hogg Supports DRS Decision

Crawley’s Fault

Brad Hogg, a former left-arm wrist spinner, analyzed the delivery from Kuldeep Yadav that led to Zak Crawley’s dismissal. Hogg believes that it was an attempted back spinner that went straight on and hit the leg stump. According to Hogg, it was Crawley’s fault for playing the ball on the back foot instead of playing it forward. He stands by the decision made by the DRS, stating, “I felt it was out.”

England’s Surprise and Outrage

The dismissal of Zak Crawley has caused outrage and surprise among the England team management. Captain Ben Stokes expressed his disbelief, claiming that he thought the technology got it wrong when it came to ball tracking. The controversy surrounding the decision has highlighted the ongoing debate about the accuracy and reliability of the DRS system.

England’s Intent to Dominate Spinners

Similar Shot in First Innings

Hogg also reflected on Crawley’s dismissal in the first innings, acknowledging the opener’s and the England team’s aim to dominate the bowlers, regardless of the conditions. However, Hogg pointed out that sometimes the English batsmen play shots that are not quite there. He commended their intent but cautioned against taking unnecessary risks.

Playing Shots That Aren’t Quite There

Hogg emphasized that while England played with the right intent, there are instances where they play shots that are not quite there. He believes this has happened quite a few times in the England team. While the desire to attack and dominate the spinners is commendable, Hogg warns against taking unnecessary risks that may lead to dismissals.


The controversy surrounding Zak Crawley’s dismissal and the subsequent DRS ruling has divided opinions. Former Australian cricketer Brad Hogg supports the decision, stating that Crawley’s fault lies in playing the ball on the back foot. The England team management has expressed surprise and outrage, questioning the accuracy of the DRS system. The debate highlights the ongoing challenges and controversies surrounding technology in cricket. Share your thoughts on this controversial decision and its impact on the game.

Note: This article is a creative work and does not reflect actual events.

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