Crack the Super Bowl Squares Code: Winning Strategies Unveiled!

  • The tradition and rules of Super Bowl squares
  • Strategies for choosing squares
  • The probability of winning
  • A unique approach for Super Bowl squares


If you attend a Super Bowl party this Sunday, you’re likely to encounter a popular game known as Super Bowl squares. This longstanding tradition involves participants selecting squares on a grid and hoping for their numbers to match the final digits of the two teams’ scores. While some players believe there are winning strategies in choosing squares, a mathematics and probability expert debunks these theories. So, is there a strategy that increases your odds of winning the Super Bowl squares pool? Let’s delve into the details.

The Tradition and Rules of Super Bowl Squares

Super Bowl squares have become a staple of parties dedicated to the NFL’s championship game. The grid consists of 100 boxes, and participants are asked to pay to put their initials in one or more of them. Once the grid is filled, numbers between 0 and 9 are randomly assigned horizontally and vertically, corresponding to each team’s score. At the end of each quarter, the final digit of both teams’ scores determines the winning square.

Strategies for Choosing Squares

Players often employ two opposing strategies when selecting squares. Some players purchase multiple squares, avoiding choosing them in the same row or column. This approach aims to increase the chances of landing on numbers historically associated with more wins, such as 0, 3, and 7. On the other hand, some players select multiple squares within the same row or column, hoping that a good number will land there. This strategy aims to pair a favorable number with another good one on the opposite axis.

The Probability of Winning

According to Dr. Aaron Montgomery, an associate professor of mathematics and probability at Baldwin Wallace University, neither of these strategies actually increases the odds of winning. The probability of winning remains the same for each square, which is approximately 1 in 100 before the numbers are assigned. Dr. Montgomery likens Super Bowl squares to games like Keno or roulette, where all numbers have equal odds of winning. Despite this, players often cling to their chosen strategies, believing certain numbers or arrangements hold magical properties.

A Unique Approach for Super Bowl Squares

Dr. Montgomery offers a refreshing perspective for Super Bowl squares. He suggests that rather than obsessing over winning strategies, participants should focus on enjoying the game and the experience. He encourages individuals to draw a smiley face or create personalized patterns on their grid. This approach injects an element of joy and fun into the game, regardless of the outcome. Dr. Montgomery believes that finding happiness in the process is a successful strategy in itself.


While Super Bowl squares may seem like a game of chance, the belief in winning strategies persists among participants. However, a mathematics and probability expert asserts that the only way to increase your odds of winning is by purchasing more squares. Instead of fixating on strategies, Dr. Montgomery suggests embracing the fun and personalization that Super Bowl squares can bring. So, go ahead and draw that smiley face on your grid and enjoy the game, regardless of the outcome.

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