Dakota Johnson’s ‘Worst Time’ on The Office: A Celebrity Nightmare

  • Dakota Johnson opens up about her time on The Office
  • The actress describes her experience as the “worst time of my life”
  • Johnson shares her thoughts on the dynamics behind the scenes
  • The actress’s appearance on Late Night with Seth Meyers sparks conversation


Dakota Johnson, best known for her role in Fifty Shades of Grey, recently made headlines when she revealed her less-than-pleasant experience on the set of The Office. During her appearance on Late Night with Seth Meyers, Johnson discussed her time on the popular sitcom and how it was far from what she had expected.

The “Worst Time of My Life”

Unanticipated Length of Stay

Johnson expressed her love for The Office and her excitement at being offered a role in the series finale. However, what she thought would be a quick appearance turned into a two-week commitment. This unexpected length of stay seemed to contribute to her negative experience.

Feeling Like an Outsider

As a new addition to a long-running show in its final episode, Johnson found herself in the midst of a tight-knit cast and crew. She admitted that there were existing dynamics and tensions among the cast members, making it difficult for her to feel welcomed or included.

Apology for Profanity

During her conversation with Seth Meyers, Johnson’s frustration with her experience on The Office led her to use profanity. She quickly apologized for her language, to which Meyers jokingly attributed the blame to the show itself.

Behind the Scenes Dynamics

Johnson’s revelations shed light on the complexities that can arise on the sets of long-running television shows. Despite the show’s popularity and success, it appears that not all cast members had a harmonious relationship. Johnson’s experience as an outsider highlights the challenges faced by new additions to established casts.


Dakota Johnson’s candid discussion about her time on The Office has sparked conversations among fans and viewers. While the actress’s experience may have been less than ideal, it serves as a reminder that not all glitters behind the scenes of our favorite shows. As fans continue to revisit The Office, they may now have a new perspective on the dynamics that existed among the cast during the series finale. Share your thoughts on Dakota Johnson’s revelations and the impact it may have on your perception of the show.

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