Danny Ramirez discusses Top Gun 3 and Falcon in Captain America 4

  • Danny Ramirez and his fellow “Top Gun: Maverick” co-stars reunite at the 2024 Sundance Film Festival
  • Ramirez discusses the excitement surrounding the potential third installment of the “Top Gun” franchise
  • The actor also shares his experiences working on diverse projects like “Winner” and “Captain America: Brave New World”
  • Ramirez highlights the impact of representation in media and the responsibility to inspire future generations
  • He reveals the valuable advice he received from Tom Cruise


The 2024 Sundance Film Festival became a reunion for the flyboys of “Top Gun: Maverick” as Danny Ramirez, Glen Powell, and Jay Ellis all starred in films showcased at the festival. The gathering in Park City, UT took place shortly after the announcement of a potential third “Top Gun” movie, which sparked excitement among the cast. Ramirez, known for his roles as Lieutenant Mickey ‘Fanboy’ Garcia in the “Top Gun” franchise and Joaquin Torres/Falcon in “Captain America: Brave New World,” shared his thoughts on the developments of both projects during a conversation with Variety at Sundance.

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Excitement for “Top Gun 3”

Ramirez expressed his enthusiasm for the possibility of a third “Top Gun” film and how the cast’s group text had been abuzz with questions about the project. Reflecting on the 30-year gap between the original “Top Gun” and “Maverick,” Ramirez emphasized the importance of making sure the story is absolutely right before proceeding.

“Being cognizant of that, we’re excited at the prospect of everyone back in the air,” Ramirez teased. “I’m having withdrawals. And also playing Falcon at the same time. Me and the skies…”

Diversity and Representation

While at Sundance, Ramirez also discussed his involvement in projects that prioritize diversity and representation. He talked about his role in Susanna Fogel’s “Winner,” a film based on the true story of NSA contractor-turned-whistleblower Reality Winner. Ramirez was intrigued by the unique and fun approach Fogel took in telling the ripped-from-the-headlines story.

Furthermore, Ramirez emphasized the impact of representation in media and how it can shape the lives of young viewers. He shared his own experience of being inspired by seeing Riz Ahmed as a lead in a film and how it motivated him to pursue acting. Ramirez expressed his gratitude for being in a position to influence and inspire others, and he recognized the responsibility that comes with it.

Valuable Advice from Tom Cruise

Ramirez discussed the valuable advice he received from his “Top Gun” co-star Tom Cruise. He revealed that Cruise is accessible and supportive, even providing feedback on pitch decks. Ramirez shared an example of how Cruise’s input changed the perspective of a character in one of his film projects. He also expressed his desire to pass on the knowledge he gains from working with industry veterans like Cruise to future filmmakers.


Danny Ramirez’s presence at the 2024 Sundance Film Festival brought together his roles in “Top Gun: Maverick” and “Captain America: Brave New World.” Ramirez’s discussions about the potential for a third “Top Gun” movie and the impact of representation in media shed light on his excitement and commitment to diverse storytelling. As Ramirez continues to soar in his career, he aims to inspire and empower future generations of filmmakers.

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