David Eigenberg’s ‘Chicago Fire’ Star Embraces Hearing Aids

  • Actor David Eigenberg, known for his role as firefighter Christopher Herrmann on NBC’s ‘Chicago Fire’, will now be wearing hearing aids in the show.
  • Eigenberg, who has struggled with hearing loss for years, decided to incorporate his personal experience into his character after consulting with the show’s creators and producers.
  • He believes it’s a wonderful thing to showcase a character with hearing aids, as many people are using them now, and it helps bring awareness to the issue.
  • Coping with hearing loss hasn’t always been easy for Eigenberg, but he finds that wearing hearing aids brings him back into participation and allows him to stay engaged.

Showing Vulnerability and Realism

Eigenberg sees his character wearing hearing aids as a vulnerability, as it reflects the reality of his own hearing deterioration. He acknowledges that if he can’t keep himself and others safe due to his hearing loss, he wouldn’t be able to do the job of a firefighter.

This isn’t the first time Eigenberg’s hearing loss has influenced a storyline. In the ‘Sex and the City’ spinoff series ‘And Just Like That’, Eigenberg’s character Steve Brady also battles hearing loss, inspired by the actor’s own experience with hearing aids.

Revisiting the SATC Universe

Eigenberg was initially nervous to step back into the ‘Sex and the City’ universe for ‘And Just Like That’, as it had been 20 years since the original series. However, he quickly found his rhythm and enjoyed reconnecting with the cast.


Eigenberg’s decision to incorporate his personal experience with hearing loss into his ‘Chicago Fire’ character is a commendable move that brings awareness to an important issue. By showcasing a character with hearing aids, the show highlights the normalcy of using them and the importance of staying engaged despite hearing loss.

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