Deb Antney’s Reality Show: Uncovering Female Rap Talent

  • New unscripted series “Deb’s House” to debut on ALLBLK this summer
  • Series features eight up-and-coming female artists competing to become Antney’s next rap protégé
  • Antney seeks exceptional lyricism, dedication, and willingness to make sacrifices
  • Antney aims to bring back artist development and mentorship in the music industry
  • Antney is known for breaking the careers of Gucci Mane, French Montana, and Nicki Minaj


Music managing mogul Deb Antney is embarking on a quest to find the world’s next female rap star. The search will take place in a new unscripted series called “Deb’s House,” set to premiere on ALLBLK, the streaming service for Black television and film from AMC Networks, this summer. The announcement was made during Tuesday’s Television Critics Association panel, generating excitement among fans and industry insiders.

Antney’s Search for the Next Rap Sensation

The series will feature eight talented and ambitious up-and-coming female artists who will move into a shared house to compete for the opportunity to become Antney’s next rap protégé. Beyond exceptional lyricism, Antney will also be looking for dedication and the willingness to make sacrifices on the road to hip-hop stardom. This competition show aims to deviate from the norm by focusing on personal growth and self-competition rather than superficiality and explicit content.

“I envisioned a competition show that deviates from the norm—one centered around personal growth and self-competition,” said Antney in a statement. “Collaborating with co-creator and co-EP Rasheed to bring this vision to life has been an incredible journey. Witnessing the music industry veer away from artist development towards a focus on superficiality and explicit content prompted my desire to return to the core values of true lyricism and mentorship.”

Antney’s selection as ALLBLK’s first commissioned competition reality series is a testament to the network’s belief in the transformative power of “Deb’s House.” Head of Content at ALLBLK & WE tv, Brett Dismuke, expressed excitement about working with Antney, stating, “Ms. Deb is a pioneer and influential voice across the music industry who has discovered, established, and guided the careers of some of hip-hop’s most prolific and successful artists.”

A Music Industry Pioneer

Deb Antney is widely recognized as a music industry pioneer for her role in breaking the careers of several high-profile artists, including Gucci Mane, French Montana, and Nicki Minaj. Her ‘no holds barred’ approach to the business has made her infamous in the industry. Antney is also the mother of acclaimed rapper Waka Flocka Flame, further cementing her influence and expertise in the hip-hop world.


As the music industry shifts its focus towards instant fame and viral sensations, Deb Antney is on a mission to bring back the core values of true lyricism and mentorship. Through “Deb’s House,” she aims to discover the next iconic female MC, reigniting her passion for artist development. The series will not only entertain viewers but also provide aspiring artists with a unique opportunity to learn and grow under Antney’s guidance.

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