Decoding Amy Robach & TJ Holmes: Will Their Love Last?


  • Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes venture into podcasting after leaving GMA3
  • They discuss their relationship and the repercussions they’ve faced
  • Amy reveals that marriage is under consideration, but they are not in a hurry
  • Celebrity psychic and body language expert provides insights into their dynamic
  • They are described as having a deep, intimate bond but must keep the flame alive
  • Introduction

    Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes, once familiar faces on GMA3, have embarked on a new chapter in their lives. Following their departure from the ABC morning show due to the public revelation of their relationship while still legally bound to others, the couple has found solace in their podcast, Amy & T.J. Podcast. This platform has become a candid space where they openly discuss their journey, the intricacies of their relationship, and the repercussions they have faced.

    Amy and T.J.’s Relationship

    Marriage Consideration

    During a recent interaction with their audience, a listener’s question about marriage sparked a thoughtful response from Amy. She admitted that marriage is under consideration, emphasizing the depth and seriousness of their bond. Amy and T.J. have not rushed into this relationship recklessly; instead, they see a future together, a lifetime commitment, irrespective of the legal formalities that may or may not come into play. However, they are not in a hurry to walk down the aisle again, taking into account their previous marriages.

    Insights from a Psychic

    Body Language and Connection

    Celebrity psychic and body language expert, Inbaal Honigman, offered insights into the dynamic between Amy and T.J. According to Inbaal, Amy exudes confidence and joy, radiating happiness and contentment. T.J., on the other hand, appears more reserved, possibly harboring insecurities about jeopardizing their relationship. Inbaal noted that their physical closeness in photographs, with torsos and hips touching, illustrates a strong connection. Amy often takes a slightly more forward stance, suggesting that she is steering their journey together.

    Tarot Card Readings

    Inbaal also turned to Tarot for further insights into Amy and T.J.’s relationship. Amy’s card, the Fool, depicts her as an independent spirit, unchained by societal expectations. T.J.’s Ace of Wands reflects his adventurous essence. The Strength card, representing their relationship, symbolizes a passionate bond with both parties deeply in love. However, Inbaal warns that their shared love for excitement means they must continually find ways to keep the flame alive, as boredom could potentially lead to a parting of ways.


    Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes are navigating new territory together after leaving GMA3. Their podcast serves as a platform for open discussions about their journey and the challenges they have faced. While marriage is under consideration, they are not rushing into it. Their deep, intimate bond is evident in their body language and shared vision for the future. As they continue on their journey, they must find ways to keep the excitement alive to ensure a lasting relationship.

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