Disney, Fox & Warner Bros. Discovery Stream Sports Marvelously

  • Disney, Fox Sports, and Warner Bros. Discovery team up for a sports streaming service set to launch this fall.
  • The joint venture will pool resources to offer a wide range of sports content to consumers.
  • The service will be available as a separate app and can be bundled with Disney+, Hulu, and/or Max.
  • The venture will feature major professional sports leagues, tennis grand slams, combat sports, and college games.


In a groundbreaking move, Disney, Fox Sports, and Warner Bros. Discovery have announced a partnership to launch a new sports streaming venture this fall. As three of the biggest owners of sports rights, this collaboration is set to reshape the sports streaming landscape and provide consumers with a comprehensive platform for all their sporting needs.

Key Points

Game-Changing Collaboration

The joint venture between Disney, Fox Sports, and Warner Bros. Discovery will bring together their extensive resources and expertise to create a revolutionary sports streaming service. With the combined strength of these media giants, the venture aims to offer a diverse range of sports content.

New Streaming Options

The new service will be made available directly to consumers through a separate app. Additionally, it can be bundled with popular streaming platforms such as Disney+, Hulu, and Max, providing users with even greater convenience and accessibility.

Wide Range of Sports Content

One of the most exciting aspects of this joint venture is the extensive sports programming it will offer. The service will feature major professional sports leagues, including the NFL, as well as tennis grand slams, combat sports, and college games. Sports enthusiasts will have access to an unparalleled selection of live events and on-demand content.

Main Content

Streaming’s Increasing Influence on Sports Broadcasting

The decision to launch this joint venture is a response to the growing impact of streaming on traditional media companies. Cord-cutting and the rise of deep-pocketed tech companies have put pressure on traditional broadcasters to adapt and find new ways to engage sports fans. This collaboration allows Disney, Fox Sports, and Warner Bros. Discovery to stay at the forefront of the rapidly evolving sports streaming landscape.

Competition from Tech Giants

Tech giants like Amazon, Apple, and YouTube have been making significant moves into the sports streaming space. Amazon secured long-term rights to NFL Thursday Night Football, while Apple formed a venture with Major League Soccer. YouTube recently acquired NFL Sunday Ticket in a multi-billion dollar deal. This joint venture positions Disney, Fox Sports, and Warner Bros. Discovery as major players in this highly competitive environment.

The Future of Sports Streaming

With the launch of this new venture, Disney is further expanding its streaming portfolio. This move comes on the heels of Disney’s buyout of Comcast’s stake in Hulu and the development of a stand-alone version of ESPN. The new ESPN product, expected to launch in the next year, will offer a robust sports streaming experience. The joint venture demonstrates Disney’s commitment to providing consumers with more choice and value in the sports streaming space.


The collaboration between Disney, Fox Sports, and Warner Bros. Discovery marks a significant moment in the sports streaming industry. This joint venture will not only provide sports fans with a comprehensive platform for their favorite events but also reshape the way live sports are consumed. With the combined resources and expertise of these media powerhouses, the new sports streaming service is set to revolutionize the industry and deliver an unparalleled viewing experience to consumers.

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