Disney’s Prof. Ludwig Von Drake Counters Nelson Peltz

  • Disney unveils VoteDisney website and video
  • Professor Ludwig Von Drake hosts the video, urging shareholders to vote for Disney’s board of directors
  • Trian group and Blackwells Capital are activist investors targeting Disney
  • Trian group’s Nelson Peltz campaigns for himself and Jay Rasulo as alternate directors
  • Blackwells Capital proposes a slate of three directors
  • Shareholders urged to vote for Disney’s 12 nominees using white proxy card
  • Voting deadline is April 2, the day before the meeting


Disney, the renowned entertainment company, has launched a new website called VoteDisney in response to activist investors targeting the company’s board of directors. The website features a video hosted by Professor Ludwig Von Drake, a beloved Disney character from 1961, who urges shareholders to take action and vote for Disney’s board. This move comes as Nelson Peltz’s Trian group and Blackwells Capital put forth their own director nominees, aiming to reshape Disney’s leadership.

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Disney’s Response

In an effort to protect its board of directors, Disney has launched the VoteDisney website. The video, hosted by Professor Ludwig Von Drake, provides step-by-step instructions to shareholders on how to vote and emphasizes the importance of voting for Disney’s 12 nominees using the white proxy card. The video clearly states that shareholders should not vote for the Trian group or Blackwells Capital nominees. It highlights that every vote matters, regardless of the number of shares owned.

Activist Investors Targeting Disney

The Trian group, led by activist investor Nelson Peltz, has launched a massive public relations campaign through their website Peltz, along with former Disney executive Jay Rasulo, is campaigning for alternate director positions. They are urging Disney shareholders to withhold votes from two current Disney directors and instead vote for themselves. The number of directors is fixed, so the nominees with the highest number of votes will secure the seats.

Blackwells Capital, another group of activist investors, has also proposed a slate of three directors. However, they are generally more accommodating to Disney management and are not aligned with Peltz’s campaign.

How to Vote

The video hosted by Professor Ludwig Von Drake emphasizes that shareholders should only use the white proxy card provided by Disney. The Trian group and Blackwells Capital will have blue and green proxy cards, respectively, which shareholders are instructed to discard. Voting must be submitted by 11:59 pm on April 2, the day before the meeting. The video concludes with a reminder not to be late, accompanied by the March Hare from Alice In Wonderland pointing at his watch.


The launch of the VoteDisney website and video featuring Professor Ludwig Von Drake is Disney’s response to activist investors targeting the company’s board of directors. By providing shareholders with clear instructions and urging them to vote for Disney’s nominees, the company aims to maintain the integrity of its leadership. Shareholders have until April 2 to cast their votes, ensuring their voices are heard. As the battle between Disney and the activist investors continues, it remains to be seen how shareholders will shape the future of the company.

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