DJ Tiësto Cancels Super Bowl Appearance Due to Family Emergency

  • DJ Tiësto withdraws from scheduled Super Bowl performance
  • Personal family emergency cited as the reason
  • No replacement announced yet


In a surprising turn of events, renowned DJ Tiësto has canceled his highly anticipated Super Bowl LVIII appearance due to a personal family emergency. The Dutch DJ and record producer had been scheduled to perform during breaks in the game, bringing his unique style and energy to the halftime show. This unexpected announcement has left fans disappointed and curious about the circumstances surrounding Tiësto’s decision.

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Tiësto’s Personal Family Emergency

Tiësto took to his social media accounts to share the news, expressing his regret at not being able to perform at the Super Bowl. He stated, “Me and my team have been preparing something truly special for months, but a personal family emergency is forcing me to return home Sunday morning.” The DJ emphasized that family always comes first and expressed his gratitude to the NFL for their collaboration.

A First In-Game DJ at the Super Bowl

Tiësto’s cancellation is a significant setback for the Super Bowl LVIII entertainment lineup. He would have been the first in-game DJ to perform at a Super Bowl, adding a unique and modern twist to the event. Known for his high-energy performances and innovative music, Tiësto’s presence was highly anticipated by fans and music enthusiasts alike.

No Replacement Announced Yet

With Tiësto’s sudden withdrawal, there has been no official word on a replacement for his performance. The NFL and event organizers are likely scrambling to find an alternative that can match the excitement and energy that Tiësto would have brought to the game. Fans are eagerly waiting for an announcement regarding the new addition to the entertainment lineup.


DJ Tiësto’s cancellation of his Super Bowl LVIII appearance due to a personal family emergency has left fans disappointed but understanding of his decision. As the first in-game DJ at a Super Bowl, Tiësto’s presence was highly anticipated, and his cancellation has created a void in the event’s entertainment lineup. Fans and music enthusiasts are now eagerly awaiting news of a replacement, hoping that the new addition will bring the same level of excitement and energy to the game. We wish Tiësto and his family the best during this difficult time.

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