Duff Goldman’s Devastating Car Crash: Dominant Hand Crushed

  • Duff Goldman suffers hand injury in a car crash caused by a drunken driver
  • The Cake Masters star urges fans and followers not to drink and drive
  • Goldman’s hand injury requires specialist care and may impact his career


Food Network veteran and renowned baker Duff Goldman is on the road to recovery after a devastating car crash in the Los Angeles area. The accident left his dominant right hand crushed, requiring stitches and specialist care. The cause of the crash was a drunken driver who swerved into Goldman’s lane on a windy country road. This incident has not only impacted Goldman’s physical well-being but also raises awareness about the dangers of drunk driving.

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A Life-Changing Incident

Goldman, the star of Cake Masters and owner of Charm City Cakes, shared the details of the accident with People magazine. He revealed that he was being driven home from LAX when another car collided head-on with their vehicle. The impact resulted in a severe hand injury, which he described as “definitely not working.” As someone whose livelihood depends on his hands, this injury poses a significant challenge for Goldman.

A Plea for Responsibility

Despite the personal setback, Goldman is using this incident to raise awareness about the dangers of drunk driving. Taking to Instagram, he emphasized the importance of not getting behind the wheel after consuming alcohol. He shared his harrowing experience, stating that a drunk driver had swerved into his lane, causing the crash. Goldman urged his fans and social media followers to make responsible choices and to prioritize their safety and the safety of others on the road.

A Long Road to Recovery

While Goldman considers himself fortunate to have survived the accident, he acknowledges that the journey to full recovery will be challenging. As a master baker who relies heavily on his hands for his career, the road ahead is uncertain. The injury to his dominant right hand requires specialized care, and it is unclear how it will impact his ability to create intricate cakes and continue his work in the culinary industry.


Duff Goldman’s car crash and resulting hand injury have shed light on the devastating consequences of drunk driving. His personal experience serves as a reminder that no excuse is acceptable when it comes to endangering lives on the road. As fans and followers of Goldman, we must stand alongside him in his recovery and actively promote responsible decision-making. Let us all learn from his ordeal and prioritize the safety and well-being of ourselves and those around us.

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