Ed Sheeran’s Grammys Revelation: Taylor Swift’s Unforgettable Moment

  • Armchair lip readers decipher Ed Sheeran’s response to Taylor Swift’s Grammy win
  • Fans divided over whether Ed called Taylor’s win “brilliant” or “bulls–t”
  • Video evidence and their post-show interactions suggest no bad blood between the friends
  • Ed and Taylor’s history of collaborations and their enduring friendship


Ed Sheeran’s reaction to Taylor Swift’s Best Pop Vocal Album win at the 2024 Grammys has become a topic of discussion among fans. As Taylor celebrated her victory, a screen recording captured the moment Ed seemingly made a comment. The video quickly went viral, with fans trying to decipher what he said. The speculation sparked a debate among fans, with some believing Ed called Taylor’s win “brilliant,” while others thought he said “bulls–t.” Let’s delve into the details and explore the true nature of Ed Sheeran’s reaction.

The Speculation

Divided Opinions

Upon analyzing the screen recording, fans took to social media to share their interpretations of Ed’s comment. One group of fans argued that Ed said “brilliant” in response to Taylor’s win, pointing out their previous collaboration. They believed Ed’s comment was a genuine expression of support for his friend’s achievement. On the other hand, some fans claimed that Ed muttered “bulls–t,” suggesting that he might not have been genuinely happy for Taylor’s success.

Humorous Interpretation

While some fans engaged in serious analysis, others took a lighthearted approach. One fan humorously speculated that Ed’s comment was along the lines of “Shall we go and have a beer?” This interpretation aimed to diffuse the tension and remind fans of the strong friendship between Ed and Taylor.

Post-Show Reunion

Despite the speculation surrounding Ed’s comment, videos from a post-show party revealed a different side of the story. In one clip shared by a fan, Taylor is seen playfully tousling Ed’s hair, indicating a friendly and comfortable dynamic between the two artists. This gesture suggests that there is no bad blood between them and dispels any notions of a negative reaction from Ed towards Taylor’s win.

Throughout the night, Ed and Taylor were seen posing for photos together, showcasing their enduring friendship. In one particular photo, Taylor affectionately cradled Ed’s chin in her gloved hands, with both artists sporting big smiles. These interactions further reinforce the idea that Ed’s comment was likely taken out of context, and there is no animosity between the two.

A History of Collaboration and Friendship

Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift have a long history of professional collaborations and a genuine friendship. Over the years, they have worked together on several notable songs. Taylor’s 2017 track “End Game” and her vault track “Run” from the re-recorded version of her album “Red” both featured Ed’s talent. However, their collaboration on the song “Everything Has Changed” in 2012 remains one of the most memorable.

Ten years after their first collaboration, in February 2022, Ed released his own song featuring Taylor, titled “The Joker and the Queen.” Taylor expressed her nostalgia and appreciation for their friendship when she shared the music video for the song on Instagram Stories. Both artists have publicly acknowledged the depth of their bond and the immense respect they have for each other’s talents.


While fans initially speculated about Ed Sheeran’s reaction to Taylor Swift’s Grammy win, their post-show interactions and history of collaboration suggest that there is no bad blood between them. The video evidence and playful gestures at the post-show party contradict the negative interpretations of Ed’s comment. As fans, we should celebrate the enduring friendship and professional collaborations between Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift, recognizing the mutual respect and admiration they have for each other’s work.

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