England Depart India for Abu Dhabi’s Crucial Third Test

  • England team decides to leave India after losing second Test
  • They will spend a week in Abu Dhabi for relaxation and training
  • Ben Stokes confident that defeat won’t affect team’s confidence
  • England aiming to become the first team to win a Test series in India since 2012/13


The England cricket team, led by Ben Stokes, has made the surprising decision to leave India ahead of the third Test of the ongoing five-match series. The team departed for Abu Dhabi immediately after their loss in the second Test in Vishakhapatnam. This move has left many cricket fans and experts wondering about the team’s strategy and the impact it might have on their performance.

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England’s Decision to Leave India

After a disappointing loss in the second Test, England’s team management decided to give their players a break and a change of scenery before the third Test. The team will spend a week in Abu Dhabi, where they had trained before arriving in India. The players will have the opportunity to relax and engage in recreational activities, including golf, in order to freshen up and refocus for the remainder of the series.

Ben Stokes’ Response to the Loss

Despite the defeat, England captain Ben Stokes remains confident in his team’s ability to bounce back. He acknowledged that going 2-0 up in the series would have been ideal, but emphasized the importance of remaining level-headed and focusing on the next assignment. Stokes expressed his belief that the team will quickly move on from the loss and concentrate on the upcoming Test.

England’s Quest to Win a Test Series in India

England’s decision to leave India ahead of the third Test highlights their determination to become the first team since the 2012/13 season to win a Test series in India. It is worth noting that England was the last team to achieve this feat, winning the series 2-1 under the captaincy of Alastair Cook. Since then, India has been dominant at home, losing only 4 Tests in this period.


The England cricket team’s departure from India ahead of the third Test has raised eyebrows and sparked speculation about their strategy. However, the team is confident that the break in Abu Dhabi will rejuvenate them and help them refocus for the remainder of the series. As cricket fans eagerly await the third Test, it remains to be seen whether England’s unconventional decision will pay off.

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