Etsy’s Super Bowl ad signals departure from roots

  • Etsy’s new user interface features Gift Mode and a Super Bowl commercial
  • The company hopes these moves will help it regain growth and become the destination for gifting
  • Etsy faces increased competition from new players like Temu and Shein
  • The effectiveness of the Super Bowl ad and Gift Mode strategy is uncertain
  • Sellers and buyers have raised concerns about repetitive ads, decline in search capabilities, and mass-produced items on the platform
  • Etsy is under pressure from investors, including activist investor Elliott Management


Etsy Inc., once known as a quirky marketplace for handmade, artisanal, and vintage items, is making moves that seem to be taking it further away from its origins. The company is set to air its first-ever Super Bowl commercial, marking a significant shift in its marketing strategy. Alongside this, Etsy is introducing Gift Mode, a new user interface feature aimed at helping shoppers find unique gift options. While Etsy hopes these initiatives will drive growth, they come at a time when the e-commerce landscape is becoming increasingly competitive and the impact of AI is being felt across the industry.

Etsy’s Push for Growth

A Quirky Super Bowl Commercial

Etsy’s Super Bowl commercial is a 30-second ad that showcases the company’s new Gift Mode option. The commercial portrays a generic 19th-century American leader who uses an anachronistic smartphone to search on Etsy and find the perfect gift to reciprocate France’s gift of the Statue of Liberty. The ad aims to highlight Etsy’s unique offerings and position the company as a go-to destination for gifting.

The Gift Mode Strategy

Gift Mode is Etsy’s latest user interface feature that combines generative AI and human curation to provide shoppers with unusual gift options. By allowing users to search for gifts for specific types of people or occasions, Etsy aims to capture a larger share of the gifting market. Etsy’s CEO, Josh Silverman, believes that the average American spends $1,600 a year on gifts, presenting a significant opportunity for the company.

Competition and Challenges

While Etsy experienced significant growth during the pandemic, its gross merchandise sales have since slowed. The company now faces growing competition from new players like Temu and Shein, which has raised concerns among investors. Etsy’s decision to air a Super Bowl ad is seen as a potential strategy to gain visibility and compete with these emerging competitors. However, some analysts question the effectiveness of this move, citing Etsy’s niche positioning and the limited frequency at which buyers visit the platform.

Concerns and Challenges

User Complaints

Despite Etsy’s reputation as a unique marketplace, both buyers and sellers have raised concerns about the platform. Complaints about a decline in search capabilities, reliance on email and chat for support, and constant tech changes are common on seller forums and Facebook groups. Additionally, some sellers fear that the pressure from investors and Wall Street will lead Etsy to allow mass-produced products onto the site, diluting its unique offerings.

Etsy’s Response

Etsy acknowledges these concerns and has taken steps to address them. The company removes listings that violate its handmade policy and relies on community flags to identify infringing products. Etsy also continues to work on improving its search capabilities and personalizing search results based on user preferences. However, the pressure to generate growth and profits remains a challenge for the company.


Etsy’s first Super Bowl ad and the introduction of Gift Mode represent significant shifts in the company’s strategy. While Etsy hopes these moves will help it recapture growth and become the go-to destination for gifting, the effectiveness of these initiatives is uncertain. Sellers and buyers have raised concerns about the platform, and competition from new players adds further pressure on Etsy. As the company navigates these challenges, it remains to be seen whether it can retain the unique aspects that made it popular in the first place.

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