Explore Cosmic Tales: ‘Once Upon A Time In Space’ BBC Doc

  • BAFTA-winning creator James Bluemel takes on new project
  • ‘Once Upon a Time …’ producer Keo Films welcomes Bluemel as Creative Director
  • ‘Once Upon A Time In Space’ explores the new space race and its consequences


James Bluemel, the BAFTA-winning creator of ‘Once Upon a Time In Northern Ireland’, has announced his next project – an exploration of space. Bluemel, known for his critically-acclaimed British documentaries, has joined Keo Films as Creative Director and will be producing the new series titled ‘Once Upon A Time In Space’.

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Bluemel’s New Project

‘Once Upon A Time In Space’ will focus on the renewed interest in lunar exploration and the space race between major countries. With China, Russia, America, India, Saudi Arabia, and Japan investing heavily in space exploration, the series will delve into the power struggles and influence at play among these nations. Through in-depth profiles and interviews, Bluemel aims to examine the consequences of this new space race for the future of humankind.

Bluemel’s Creative Approach

Bluemel is excited to bring his signature storytelling style to the subject of space. He plans to apply the successful approach of ‘Once Upon A Time In Northern Ireland’ to create a fresh and unexpected narrative for the space exploration genre. Bluemel will work alongside Will Anderson and Andrew Palmer as executive producers for Keo Films, where he has joined as Creative Director.

Keo Films and Passion Pictures Partnership

Keo Films, backed by Passion Pictures, has been producing high-quality documentaries for years. Bluemel’s addition to the senior management team further strengthens the partnership between Keo Films and Passion Pictures. This collaboration aims to continue delivering groundbreaking content that captivates audiences and sheds light on important global issues.


‘Once Upon A Time In Space’ promises to be an engaging and thought-provoking documentary series. With James Bluemel at the helm, viewers can expect a fresh perspective on the space race and its implications for the future. Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting project and share your thoughts on the intersection of space exploration and humanity.

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