Felicity Huffman Explains Why She Can’t Play Trans Roles

  • Felicity Huffman opens up about her decision to not take on another trans role
  • The actress served 11 days in jail for her involvement in the college admissions scandal
  • Huffman discusses her career after the scandal and her upcoming role in “Hir” on the London stage


Academy Award-nominated actress Felicity Huffman recently revealed that she would not take on the role of a trans woman in a film again. In an interview with The Guardian, Huffman expressed her belief that the industry should reflect the diversity of its audience, but also hopes for a future where anyone can play any role. This decision comes after Huffman’s portrayal of a trans woman in the 2005 film “Transamerica,” which earned her critical acclaim and an Oscar nomination.

Reflections on “Transamerica” and Meeting Alexandra Billings

When asked about her experience playing a trans woman in “Transamerica,” Huffman admitted that she has no memory of meeting trans actor Alexandra Billings, who was initially set to play the lead in the film. She jokingly attributed her lack of memory to the absence of estrogen in her body. Despite her successful portrayal, Huffman now feels that she wouldn’t be able to take on such a role in today’s climate of increased awareness and representation.

The College Admissions Scandal and Life After

In 2019, Huffman made headlines for her involvement in the college admissions scandal, for which she served 11 days in jail. Reflecting on her actions, Huffman acknowledged her guilt and the consequences she faced. However, she also emphasized that her focus is on the well-being of her family, including her husband, actor William H. Macy, and their children. Since the scandal, Huffman has had limited acting roles but remains optimistic about her future in the industry.

The London Stage and “Hir”

Despite the challenges she has faced, Huffman is now taking on the role of Paige, the mother of a transgender child, in a revival of Taylor Mac’s play “Hir” on the London stage. Huffman describes her character as a zealot who has been contained for too long and is finally free to express herself. She believes that “Hir” goes beyond being just an issues play, offering a compelling story that explores the complexities of transgender identities.


Felicity Huffman’s decision to not take on another trans role reflects a growing awareness in the entertainment industry about the importance of representation and inclusivity. As she continues her career, Huffman’s upcoming role in “Hir” demonstrates her commitment to telling meaningful stories and exploring the nuances of diverse experiences. With her talent and dedication, Huffman remains a force to be reckoned with in the world of acting.

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