Fremantle’s UFA Group Welcomes Netflix’s Natalie Clausen

  • Natalie Clausen appointed as COO of UFA Group
  • Management re-org aims to create a more flexible and creative organization
  • Joachim Kosack steps down from management board to focus on UFA Serial Drama
  • Gwendolin Szyszkowitz-Schwingel exits UFA Documentary


Germany’s UFA Group, owned by Fremantle, has made a significant management re-organization by bringing in Natalie Clausen, a senior executive from Netflix Germany. Clausen will be joining the management board as the Chief Operating Officer (COO) on February 19. This strategic move is part of UFA Group’s plan to create a more flexible and creative organization, utilizing technology to enhance its productions.

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Natalie Clausen’s Background

Natalie Clausen has a wealth of experience in the German production industry. Prior to her appointment as COO of UFA Group, she served as the Senior Production Manager for German-speaking countries at Netflix. She worked on several successful productions, including “The Empress,” “Kleo,” and “Liebskind.” Before joining Netflix, Clausen contributed to renowned German shows such as “Babylon Berlin,” “Charité,” and “Deutschland 89.” Her extensive knowledge and expertise make her a valuable addition to UFA Group’s management team.

Management Re-organization

The restructuring at UFA Group goes beyond Clausen’s appointment. Joachim Kosack, previously a member of the management board, will step down to focus on leading UFA Serial Drama alongside Markus Brunnemann. This move allows UFA Serial Drama, known for its long-running daily series, to benefit from Kosack’s expertise. UFA Group CEO Sascha Schwingel expresses gratitude to Kosack for his successful work and emphasizes the positive impact this change will have on the development of UFA’s important series.

Changes at UFA Documentary

In addition to the management re-organization, UFA Documentary will undergo changes as well. Gwendolin Szyszkowitz-Schwingel, the current Managing Director, will be leaving her position at the end of the month. UFA states that this decision was made in the best interest of the company and through mutual agreement. Marc Lepetit will take on the role of leading UFA Documentary on his own in the future. Schwingel acknowledges Szyszkowitz-Schwingel’s contributions to UFA Documentary and wishes her success in her professional endeavors.


The appointment of Natalie Clausen as COO of UFA Group marks a significant step in the management re-organization of the German production giant. This move, along with other changes, aims to create a more flexible and creative organization that leverages technology to enhance its productions. UFA Group’s commitment to innovation and adaptation is evident in their strategic decisions. As UFA Group continues to evolve, it will be interesting to see how these changes shape the future of German television production.

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