G Flip Raves About Taylor Swift’s ‘Cruel Summer’ Cover

  • G Flip expresses admiration for Taylor Swift’s artistry and business acumen
  • Swift shows support for G Flip’s cover of “Cruel Summer”
  • G Flip hopes for a collaboration with the Grammy winner


Australian singer G Flip has publicly expressed their love and admiration for Taylor Swift following her record-breaking night at the Grammy Awards. G Flip, whose real name is Georgia Claire Flipo, praised Swift’s talent as an artist, musician, and songwriter, as well as her powerful presence as a businesswoman. The Melbourne native recently covered Swift’s hit song “Cruel Summer,” receiving the stamp of approval from Swift herself. G Flip spoke exclusively to Life & Style about their appreciation for Swift and the possibility of collaborating with her in the future.

G Flip’s Support for Taylor Swift

A Cover of “Cruel Summer”

G Flip showcased their support for Taylor Swift by releasing a cover of her hit song “Cruel Summer” in January. The cover gained attention from fans and music enthusiasts, including Swift herself, who “liked” the social media post featuring G Flip’s rendition. This recognition from Swift left G Flip feeling fortunate and grateful, expressing disbelief that an artist of Swift’s caliber took the time to watch and appreciate their cover.

Possibility of Collaboration

Although G Flip has never met Taylor Swift in person, they expressed their excitement at the prospect of collaborating with the renowned singer. G Flip described it as a dream come true and mentioned that the desire to collaborate with Swift is shared by many artists attending the Grammy Awards. The admiration and respect G Flip holds for Swift’s talent and success make the possibility of a collaboration even more enticing.

Taylor Swift’s Grammy Success

Record-Breaking Night

Taylor Swift had an extraordinary night at the 66th annual Grammy Awards. Not only did she take home the award for Best Pop Vocal Album, but she also announced the release of her upcoming 11th studio album. Swift surprised fans by revealing that her new album, titled “The Tortured Poets Department,” would be released on April 19. With this win, Swift became the first artist ever to win Album of the Year four times, surpassing legendary musicians such as Stevie Wonder, Frank Sinatra, and Paul Simon.

Swift’s Joyful Presence

According to insiders, Taylor Swift was in high spirits throughout the Grammy Awards ceremony. Compared to the previous year, where she appeared less social, Swift was described as buzzing around like a social butterfly. Sources reported that Swift seemed extremely happy, suggesting that she was back to her old self. The joy and happiness radiating from Swift added to the celebratory atmosphere of the evening.


G Flip’s adoration for Taylor Swift and their hope for a collaboration highlights the mutual respect and admiration between artists. Swift’s Grammy success and announcement of a new album further solidify her status as a powerhouse in the music industry. As fans eagerly await Swift’s upcoming album release, the support and recognition she receives from fellow musicians like G Flip only add to the excitement surrounding her career.

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