GMA3’s DeMarco Morgan’s Inspiring Health Journey Unveiled

  • DeMarco Morgan publicly documents his first colonoscopy to raise awareness about men’s health
  • He schedules the procedure with childhood friends to destigmatize conversations around men’s health
  • Morgan emphasizes the importance of regular check-ups and early detection


In a powerful move to inspire men to prioritize their health, DeMarco Morgan, ABC anchor and host of GMA3, recently underwent his first colonoscopy and encouraged his childhood friends to do the same. By sharing his experience publicly, Morgan aims to destigmatize conversations around men’s health and encourage men to be more aware and proactive in taking care of themselves.

Morgan Takes the Lead

DeMarco Morgan, who recently celebrated his 45th birthday, decided to heed the recommendation of the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force and schedule his routine colonoscopy. However, he didn’t do it alone. Morgan invited his childhood friends, Alfred Cayasso and Ronnie Stewart, to join him in this crucial health endeavor. Together, they aimed to break the silence and destigmatize discussions about men’s health.

Normalizing Conversations about Men’s Health

Morgan highlights the lack of open dialogue among men when it comes to health issues. He emphasizes that men often gather for various activities, such as going to the barbershop, sports games, and bachelor parties, but rarely discuss their health. Morgan believes that normalizing discussions about men’s health, making it as casual and frequent as “locker room talk,” is essential for saving lives and preventing serious health issues.

A Supportive Network

By going through the colonoscopy process together, Morgan and his friends aimed to create a supportive environment. They wanted to show others that they were not alone in their fears and concerns. Morgan emphasizes that the procedure is not as painful as some may believe and hopes that their experience will motivate others to prioritize their health.

Empowering Others

Morgan recognizes the importance of representation and believes that seeing people who look like them in powerful positions, like himself, going for routine check-ups will encourage others to do the same. Particularly for Black men, who are diagnosed with colorectal cancer at a higher rate, Morgan’s efforts to raise awareness and encourage regular screenings are crucial in combating this disparity.


DeMarco Morgan’s decision to publicly document his first colonoscopy and undergo the procedure with his childhood friends highlights his dedication to promoting men’s health. By sharing his experience, Morgan aims to normalize conversations around men’s health and inspire others to prioritize their well-being. With his platform and influential friends by his side, Morgan is making a significant impact in destigmatizing men’s health discussions and encouraging routine screenings. Let us all follow his example and take care of our health for a better future.

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