Griselda Blanco’s 3 Marriages: Inside Her Scandalous Story

  • Griselda Blanco, the notorious drug lord, gained the nickname “The Black Widow” due to the mysterious deaths of her three husbands.
  • Her first husband, Carlos Trujillo, was executed after an alleged disagreement over their marijuana distribution business.
  • Alberto Bravo, her second husband, was murdered by Griselda herself amidst suspicions of him embezzling money from their cocaine smuggling operation.
  • Dario Sepulveda, her third husband, was assassinated on her orders after their marriage fell apart due to her obsession with her criminal empire.
  • Griselda’s sons from her first marriage, Dixon and Uber Trujillo-Blanco, were killed by rival drug lords, leaving only her youngest son, Michael Corleone Blanco, alive.
  • Michael Blanco has since distanced himself from his mother’s criminal past and created a legitimate business, Pure Blanco, which specializes in streetwear and cannabis products.
  • Michael’s siblings remain a mystery, with one still believed to be alive.

The Rise and Fall of Carlos Trujillo

Griselda Blanco’s first husband, Carlos Trujillo, was a small-time criminal and pimp. They married when Griselda was just 13 years old and went on to have three children together. Despite their divorce, they continued to work together in the marijuana distribution business. However, a disagreement over their work allegedly led to Carlos’s execution, although Griselda was never convicted of his death. Tragically, both of their sons met a similar fate, allegedly at the hands of rival drug lords.

The Betrayal of Alberto Bravo

Alberto Bravo, Griselda’s second husband, introduced her to the world of cocaine trafficking. Together, they ran a successful smuggling operation from Colombia to the United States. However, in 1975, Griselda was indicted on federal drug charges, and the couple fled to Colombia to avoid prosecution. It was during their time there that Griselda suspected Alberto of stealing money from their business. In a confrontation in a parking lot, Griselda and her bodyguards murdered Alberto, ensuring he would no longer be a threat.

The Tragic End of Dario Sepulveda

Griselda’s third husband, Dario Sepulveda, started as her bodyguard but eventually became her lover. They married and had a son together. However, their marriage crumbled as Dario grew concerned about Griselda’s focus on her criminal activities rather than being a mother. In 1983, Dario was assassinated in Medellín, Colombia, on Griselda’s orders. According to a witness, the assassination took place in front of their young son, Michael, leaving him traumatized.

Despite the dark history surrounding Griselda Blanco’s husbands, her son Michael has managed to carve out a different path for himself. He turned his life around after a conviction for cocaine trafficking and now runs a successful business, Pure Blanco. Michael has distanced himself from his mother’s criminal past and even appeared on the VH1 reality show Cartel Crew. However, the fate of his siblings remains a mystery, with one still believed to be alive.

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