Harley-Davidson’s Profit Soars Despite Declining Motorcycle Sales

  • Harley-Davidson’s stock eases slightly after beating fourth-quarter profit expectations
  • Motorcycle shipments continue to fall as consumers hold back on higher-priced purchases
  • Revenue exceeds Wall Street forecasts despite declining volume and price


Harley-Davidson Inc., the iconic motorcycle maker, has reported a significant beat in fourth-quarter profits, exceeding analysts’ expectations. However, the company continues to face challenges as motorcycle shipments decline due to consumers’ reluctance to make higher-priced purchases. Despite this, Harley-Davidson’s revenue has managed to surpass Wall Street forecasts, showcasing an improvement in sales mix despite declining volume and price. Let’s delve deeper into the details of the company’s earnings report and the factors influencing its performance.

Challenging Economic Environment

Harley-Davidson’s Chief Financial Officer, Jonathan Root, acknowledges the impact of the overall macro environment on consumers’ purchasing decisions. With high interest rates and increasing complexity in the market, customers are hesitant to invest in discretionary products such as motorcycles. This cautious approach has contributed to the decline in motorcycle shipments and sales for Harley-Davidson.

Profit Beat and Declining Shipments

Although Harley-Davidson’s net income dropped to $25.8 million in the fourth quarter, the company managed to beat the FactSet consensus for earnings per share. The decline in net income can be attributed to various factors, including higher sales incentives to counter lower volume and increased manufacturing costs. Despite these challenges, the company’s gross margin declined by 3.6 percentage points to 22.9%. Motorcycle shipments fell by 13.2% to 29,500 bikes, marking the third consecutive quarter of declines.

Revenue Exceeds Expectations

While Harley-Davidson’s total revenue declined by 7.8% to $1.05 billion, it still managed to surpass the FactSet consensus. The company’s ability to improve the sales mix helped offset the decline in volume and price. However, the declining revenue highlights the ongoing challenges Harley-Davidson faces in the market.

Geographical Sales Performance

Harley-Davidson’s sales performance varied across different regions. In North America, motorcycle sales fell by 8.9% to 17,500 units due to the high interest-rate environment. In Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (EMEA), sales sank by 22.7% to 6,800 units, primarily driven by weakness in the France and Germany markets. These regional sales declines further contribute to the overall challenges faced by Harley-Davidson.

Future Outlook and Electric Motorcycles

Looking ahead, Harley-Davidson expects motorcycle sales for 2024 to be flat to down 9%. The company anticipates retail motorcycle shipments to be flat to up 9% at 163,000 to 178,000 units. Wholesale shipments, on the other hand, are expected to decline between 1% and 10% at 163,000 to 178,000 units. In an effort to adapt to changing market demands, Harley-Davidson has also ventured into the electric motorcycle market. The company sold 514 LiveWire electric motorcycles in the fourth quarter, up from 69 units the previous year. Harley-Davidson plans to ship 1,000 to 1,500 electric motorcycles in 2024.


Harley-Davidson Inc. has delivered a strong profit beat in the fourth quarter, surpassing expectations despite ongoing challenges in the motorcycle market. While the company’s revenue exceeded forecasts, declining motorcycle shipments and sales continue to pose a significant hurdle. The impact of high interest rates and cautious consumer spending decisions have contributed to this decline. As Harley-Davidson looks to the future, it aims to navigate these challenges by diversifying its product offerings, including the expansion into electric motorcycles. Only time will tell how successful the company’s strategies will be in revitalizing its sales performance.

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