Hermes Soars: Record Sales Defy Luxury Slump

  • Hermes achieves record sales for full-year 2023, defying luxury goods market slump
  • Full-year revenue increases by 20% to €13.42 billion ($14.45 billion)
  • Net profit rises by 28% to €4.3 billion
  • Shares in Hermes jump 3% on Friday
  • Largest Asian segment sees 20.2% surge in revenue
  • Sharp increases in sales in Europe and Americas
  • Mid-luxury market competitors hit hardest by downturn
  • Leather goods and saddlery division sales increase by 17%
  • Clothing and accessories division revenues grow by 28%
  • Watchmaking division revenues increase by 23%


Hermes, the renowned French fashion house, has defied the slump in the luxury goods market by posting record sales for the full-year 2023. Despite the challenges faced by the world’s top fashion houses in recent months, Hermes has managed to weather the storm and achieve impressive growth. This article explores how Hermes successfully navigated the downturn and highlights key factors that contributed to its record-breaking sales.

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Strong Performance Across Regions and Segments

Hermes reported a 20% increase in full-year revenue, reaching €13.42 billion ($14.45 billion). Sales growth was observed across all regions and segments, indicating the company’s ability to capture market share and cater to diverse consumer preferences. The Asian segment, in particular, saw a surge in revenue, with a 20.2% increase driven by strong sales in Japan. Europe and the Americas also experienced robust growth, contributing to the overall positive performance of the company.

Resilience of Hermes’ Wealthy Customer Base

Analysts attribute Hermes’ success to its wealthier customer base, which has higher discretionary income compared to its competitors. While many luxury brands focused on the mid-luxury market faced significant challenges due to reduced spending by less affluent customers, Hermes was able to maintain its sales momentum. This resilience highlights the importance of catering to a wealthy customer base, especially during economic uncertainties.

Diversification and Expansion Strategies

Hermes’ strategic initiatives played a crucial role in its record-breaking sales. The company expanded its production capacity by opening two new factories in France, enabling it to meet growing demand for its leather goods and saddlery division. Additionally, Hermes witnessed a sharp uptick in sales from its clothing and accessories division, as well as its watchmaking division. These diversification efforts allowed the fashion house to tap into new markets and revenue streams outside its traditional leather goods business.


Hermes’ impressive performance in 2023, with record sales and substantial revenue growth, showcases its ability to thrive amidst challenging market conditions. The company’s focus on a wealthier customer base, coupled with strategic diversification and expansion, has proven successful. Analysts predict continued growth for Hermes, especially in the US market, driven by growing social media hype around its products. As Hermes continues to innovate and adapt to evolving consumer preferences, it remains a leading force in the luxury goods industry.

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