High & Low: John Galliano – Fashion Designer’s Journey

  • Acclaimed filmmaker Kevin Macdonald examines the rise and fall of controversial fashion designer John Galliano
  • The documentary explores the multiple facets of Galliano’s character and context, including industry pressure and addiction
  • Featuring conversations with industry icons such as Naomi Campbell, Kate Moss, and Anna Wintour


Mubi has released the official trailer for the highly anticipated documentary film, ‘High & Low – John Galliano.’ Directed by acclaimed filmmaker Kevin Macdonald, the doc delves into the rapid ascent, fall from grace, and journey forward for controversial fashion designer John Galliano. Premiering at the prestigious 2023 Telluride Film Festival, the film has since gained recognition at various international film festivals, including Zurich, Hamburg, London, and Rome.

Examining the Rise and Fall

John Galliano is widely recognized as one of the most influential and successful fashion designers of our modern era. With a career spanning almost 15 years at Givenchy and Dior, Galliano dressed the most beautiful and influential men and women in the world. He revolutionized the fashion industry by transforming his runway shows into immersive fantasies, helping to turn high-fashion from an elitist niche into a multi-billion-dollar global business.

However, in 2011, Galliano’s career came crashing down when he was caught on video using shocking antisemitic and racist insults. The documentary, ‘High & Low – John Galliano,’ directed by Kevin Macdonald, delves into the multiple facets and contradictions of Galliano’s character and context. It explores the decades of industry pressure, as well as Galliano’s struggles with drug and alcohol addiction, that surrounded his downfall and subsequent journey to recovery.

Conversations with Industry Icons

Featuring conversations with industry icons such as Naomi Campbell, Kate Moss, Penelope Cruz, Charlize Theron, Anna Wintour, Edward Enninful, Boris Cyrulnik, Hamish Bowles, and Sidney Toledano, ‘High & Low – John Galliano’ provides an intimate and revealing look into the man behind the fashion genius. Through interviews with Galliano’s closest friends and family, as well as some of the most well-known celebrities of the fashion and pop world, the documentary portrays his search for redemption after his downfall.


The official trailer for ‘High & Low – John Galliano’ promises a captivating and thought-provoking documentary that explores the highs and lows of one of fashion’s most controversial figures. As it delves into Galliano’s journey, the film raises important questions about the fashion industry, addiction, and the power of redemption. Audiences can look forward to experiencing this fascinating documentary when it arrives in select US theaters on March 8th, 2024.

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