IATSE Hints Strike Vote Ahead: Negotiations and Movie Lovers

  • IATSE prepares for upcoming contract negotiations with the studios
  • The guild intends to negotiate two major labor contracts with the AMPTP
  • IATSE makes it clear that a strike authorization vote is possible if an agreement is not reached
  • Last year’s labor movements have emboldened IATSE to fight for substantial gains
  • IATSE President Matthew Loeb emphasizes the union’s determination to secure a favorable contract
  • IATSE and the Hollywood Basic Crafts unite to demonstrate collective strength during negotiations
  • IATSE’s website statement highlights past strike authorization and warns the AMPTP of a different outcome this time


IATSE, the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees, is gearing up for crucial contract negotiations with the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers (AMPTP) next month. The outcomes of these negotiations will have significant implications for the union’s members and the entertainment industry as a whole. With the expiration of the current Basic Agreement and Area Standards Agreement on July 31, IATSE has made it clear that it is ready to take action if the negotiations do not yield satisfactory results.

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Standing Strong: Lessons from Last Year’s Labor Movements

Last year witnessed a wave of labor movements in the entertainment industry, with both the Writers Guild of America (WGA) and the Screen Actors Guild-American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (SAG-AFTRA) going on strike. The success and impact of these strikes have emboldened IATSE to fight for substantial gains in its upcoming contract negotiations. The union’s leadership has expressed its determination to not let fear or intimidation prevent its members from authorizing another work stoppage, if necessary.

Matthew Loeb’s Call for Fairness and Equity

IATSE President Matthew Loeb has been vocal about the union’s stance in the upcoming negotiations. Loeb emphasized that the union is seeking considerable improvements in the contract terms and will not settle for anything less. He highlighted the financial strain experienced by IATSE members due to the studios’ unreasonable demands in the past. Loeb’s passionate call for fairness and equity resonated with the crowd and other labor leaders, setting the stage for a potentially contentious negotiation process.

Unity in the Face of Divide-and-Conquer Tactics

Last week, IATSE and the Hollywood Basic Crafts announced their intention to join forces during the negotiations, specifically regarding healthcare and pensions. This strategic alliance serves as a powerful message to the AMPTP, demonstrating that the old divide-and-conquer tactics employed by the studios will not easily sway or weaken the union’s resolve. IATSE and the Hollywood Basic Crafts aim to present a united front, demanding fair treatment and improved conditions for their members.

A Warning Shot: IATSE’s Strike Authorization Vote

IATSE’s recent statement on its website serves as a clear signal to the AMPTP that the union is prepared to take decisive action. During the previous round of contract negotiations, more than 98% of IATSE voting members authorized a strike, although one was ultimately not called. The union’s website emphasizes that this time will be different, and if an agreement is not reached by the contract expiration date, a strike authorization vote will be on the table. IATSE is determined to secure a favorable contract that addresses the concerns and demands of its members.


The upcoming contract negotiations between IATSE and the AMPTP carry significant weight for the entertainment industry. As the union gears up for these crucial talks, it is clear that IATSE is prepared to take a strong stance in order to secure improved conditions for its members. With the possibility of a strike authorization vote looming, the studios would be wise to heed IATSE’s warning and engage in productive negotiations that prioritize fairness, equity, and the well-being of the industry’s workforce.

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