Inside George Kittle’s Marriage to Claire Kittle: Unveiling His Wife

  • The story of George and Claire Kittle’s relationship
  • Claire’s career and social media influence
  • The couple’s engagement and wedding
  • Their journey through an ectopic pregnancy
  • Where the couple resides


Claire Kittle, wife of NFL star George Kittle, couldn’t contain her excitement and joy as her husband appeared in the 2024 Super Bowl on February 11. She described the moment as “blessed and emotional,” reflecting the incredible support she has provided throughout George’s NFL career. Let’s take a closer look at their relationship and learn more about Claire’s own accomplishments.

George and Claire’s Love Story

How Did George Kittle and His Wife Claire Meet?

In 2012, George and Claire both attended the University of Iowa as freshmen. George vividly recalls his first impression of Claire, describing her as a captivating presence. Despite warnings from his roommate that she was a “total bitch,” George decided to approach her and find out for himself. They spent eight months as friends before finally getting together.

What Is George Kittle’s Wife Claire’s Job?

Claire majored in health and human physiology-exercise science and entrepreneurial management at the University of Iowa. She was also a college basketball player until a knee injury ended her career during her senior year. Following that setback, Claire became a certified personal trainer and ran her fitness business, Claire Till Fitness. In addition, she entered a bikini fitness competition in 2018. Currently, Claire is a social media influencer, sharing her travel experiences and fashion creativity on Instagram and her blog, LetteySetGo.

Their Journey to Marriage

When Did George Kittle Marry His Wife Claire?

In August 2018, George proposed to Claire. However, his plans were almost derailed by a preseason injury. To ensure everything went smoothly, he concocted a cover story about a photo shoot for NFL couples. Claire became suspicious, but George’s mom stepped in and reassured her that a proposal wasn’t happening yet. On the day of the photo shoot, Claire was completely surprised when George got down on one knee. They eloped in April 2019, with George’s dad officiating the ceremony at a family friend’s jewelry store in Iowa. They later planned a second wedding for April 2021, but it was postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Trials and Triumphs

Do George Kittle and His Wife Claire Have Kids?

George and Claire, while they have a beloved dog, do not have children. In February 2023, Claire shared the heartbreaking news that she had experienced an ectopic pregnancy. Initially, she and George were overjoyed to learn they were expecting a child on Christmas Day 2022. However, during a routine ultrasound, they discovered that the pregnancy was ectopic. Claire underwent surgery that night, and the couple faced the emotional challenges of this difficult experience together.

Home is Where the Heart Is

Where Do George Kittle and His Wife Live?

During the football season, George needs to be in northern California. However, in the offseason, the couple resides in Nashville, Tennessee. They bought a new home in April 2022 and frequently host parties for their friends there.


The journey of George and Claire Kittle is filled with love, support, and overcoming challenges together. As George continues to excel in his NFL career, Claire remains his steadfast partner and a source of inspiration. Their story serves as a reminder that true strength lies in the bonds we form and the love we share.

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