Intense Official Trailer: British Indie ‘Silver Haze’ with Vicky Knight

  • Unique sapphic indie film from Dutch filmmaker Sacha Polak
  • Set in East London and revolves around a young woman seeking revenge
  • Features stunning performances by Vicky Knight and Esme Creed-Miles
  • Premiered at Berlinale 2023 and set for US release in March


Dark Star Pictures has just released the official US trailer for the highly anticipated indie film ‘Silver Haze,’ directed by the talented Dutch filmmaker Sacha Polak. The film takes place in East London and centers around a young woman named Franky, played by Vicky Knight, who is haunted by a traumatic arson event from her past. Unable to build meaningful relationships due to her obsession with revenge, Franky’s life takes an unexpected turn when she meets her patient, Florence, portrayed by Esme Creed-Miles.

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A Riveting Storyline

‘Silver Haze’ delves into the complex emotions and psychological scars left by past traumas. Franky’s intense thirst for revenge and her desperate need to assign blame and guilt have consumed her life. However, her encounter with Florence brings a glimmer of hope and a chance for redemption. Together, they embark on a journey to the coast, where Florence’s open-minded patchwork family resides. It is here that Franky finds solace and confronts the grudges and scars of her past.

Powerful Performances

Vicky Knight, who previously worked with director Sacha Polak on ‘Dirty God,’ delivers a powerful and emotionally charged performance as Franky. Knight’s ability to convey raw vulnerability and strength makes her portrayal truly captivating. Esme Creed-Miles shines as Florence, effortlessly bringing depth and authenticity to her character. The chemistry between Knight and Creed-Miles is palpable and adds an extra layer of intensity to the film.

Festival Success and US Release

‘Silver Haze’ premiered at the esteemed Berlinale Film Festival in 2023, receiving critical acclaim for its compelling narrative and exceptional performances. It has since garnered attention at various other festivals, solidifying its status as an indie film to watch. The film is set to hit select US theaters on March 1st, 2024, followed by a VOD release on March 12th. Audiences can look forward to experiencing the emotionally vibrant and thought-provoking journey of ‘Silver Haze’ firsthand.


‘Silver Haze’ is a must-see indie film that explores the depths of human emotions and the power of redemption. Director Sacha Polak’s unique storytelling combined with the exceptional performances of Vicky Knight and Esme Creed-Miles make this film a standout in the indie cinema landscape. Mark your calendars for the US release in March and prepare to be moved by the emotional journey of ‘Silver Haze’.

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