Jenna Ortega & Danny Ramirez: Celeb Duo Rocks Doritos Super Bowl 2024 Ad!

  • Jenna Ortega, alongside her grandmothers Dina and Mita, stars in the highly-anticipated Doritos Super Bowl 2024 commercial.
  • The commercial features an action-packed chase scene over the last bag of Doritos Dinamita chips.
  • Top Gun: Maverick star Danny Ramirez plays the chip thief who unknowingly incurs the wrath of the determined grandmothers.
  • The ad showcases the humor and dynamism of Jenna Ortega, who fondly describes the experience as “coming home” to her early days in commercials.

An Epic Chip Battle Unfolds

Imagine wandering through the aisles of a grocery store with your two grandmothers, only to have your peaceful shopping trip interrupted by a chip crisis. That’s exactly what happens to Jenna Ortega in the Doritos Super Bowl 2024 commercial.

As Jenna walks away to find something she needs in another aisle, her grandmothers, Dina and Mita, spot the last bag of Doritos Dinamita chips. But just as they reach for it, Danny Ramirez swoops in and snatches it away with a smug smile.

What follows is an action-packed chase scene that takes place through a bustling city. Dina, Mita, and Danny battle it out over the coveted bag of chips, showcasing their impressive moves and determination. From attacking Danny’s car to ziplining through an apartment window, these grandmothers are not to be messed with.

It’s All About the Dinamita

As the chase reaches its climax, Danny takes a moment to taste one of the chips and exclaims, “Woah! That’s dynamite!” Little does he know, this innocent comment only enrages the grandmothers further.

“It’s not dynamite!” they shout in unison, crashing into Danny and snatching the bag from the air. “It’s Dinamita.”

In a hilarious twist, Jenna finally returns to her grandmothers, oblivious to the chaos that has unfolded. She grabs the open bag of chips for herself, leaving the grandmothers to glare at her and prepare for their next move.

A Nostalgic Homecoming for Jenna Ortega

Jenna Ortega, known for her roles in Scream and Wednesday, is no stranger to commercials. In fact, she began her career primarily doing commercials. However, the Doritos Super Bowl 2024 ad holds a special place in her heart.

“For the first year of my career, I was only allowed to do commercials,” Jenna explains. “And I did some big ones, but nothing to the level of this or to this extent. So, it was like a weird nostalgic, ‘Wow, it’s been 12 years and then this is where I’m at now.'”

She also reveals that the teaser for the ad, released a couple of weeks prior, played into her horror-loving audience. Jenna enjoys “pulling people in with the horror aspect” and was thrilled to pay homage to it in the teaser.

Get Ready for Doritos Super Bowl 2024

The Doritos Super Bowl 2024 commercial starring Jenna Ortega, Danny Ramirez, and the fierce grandmothers Dina and Mita is set to be a highlight of the big game. With its hilarious and action-packed storyline, it is sure to leave viewers entertained and craving some Doritos Dinamita chips.

Don’t miss out on the fun and excitement. Tune in to the Super Bowl and catch this unforgettable commercial!

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