Jesse Palmer’s Insane Rush Home for Baby’s Birth

Former Bachelor star and current television host, Jesse Palmer, had a night to remember as he witnessed the wedding of Golden Bachelor couple Gerry Turner and Theresa Nist. However, it was not just the joyous occasion that had Palmer on edge, but the imminent arrival of his own baby girl with his wife Emely Fardo.

Key Points:

  • Jesse Palmer rushed home from the wedding to be by his wife’s side for the birth of their daughter
  • Palmer expressed his anxiety about potentially missing the birth during the live television broadcast
  • He sprinted off the set, caught a plane, and made it home just in time for the arrival of baby Ella Reine


Jesse Palmer, the host of the popular television show, was in for a night filled with excitement and nerves as he attended the wedding of Gerry Turner and Theresa Nist. However, his focus was not solely on the happy couple, but rather on his own wife, Emely Fardo, who was due to give birth to their baby girl at any moment. In an exclusive interview with E! News, Palmer shared the dramatic details of his rush home and the relief he felt when he made it just in time for the birth.

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Anxiety and Urgency

During the live broadcast of the wedding, Jesse Palmer couldn’t hide his anxiety as he expressed his concern about potentially missing the birth of his daughter. He admitted to constantly checking his phone and having a plane on standby, ready to whisk him away if necessary. Palmer’s dedication to his family was evident as he stated, “There’s no way I can miss Ella’s birth.”

A Race Against Time

As soon as the wedding concluded, Jesse Palmer wasted no time. He sprinted off the set, rushed to the airport, and boarded a plane to be by his wife’s side. The tension was palpable as he anxiously awaited the arrival of their baby girl. Fortunately, Palmer’s timing was impeccable, and he made it home just in time for the birth of Ella Reine. “Thank God I made it,” he exclaimed.

A Night to Remember

Jesse Palmer’s wedding night was truly one for the books. While many would have been focused solely on the festivities, Palmer had his priorities straight. His dedication to his family and the lengths he went to be there for the birth of his daughter are truly commendable. The joy and relief he felt upon holding Ella Reine for the first time were undoubtedly worth the rush and anxiety of the night.


Jesse Palmer’s dramatic and heartwarming journey to witness the wedding of Gerry Turner and Theresa Nist while anxiously awaiting the birth of his own daughter is a testament to the love and devotion he has for his family. This story serves as a reminder of the importance of being there for our loved ones during life’s most significant moments. Share your thoughts on this incredible night and the lengths we would go to be there for our family in the comments below.

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