Joe Biden Laments “Shrinkflation” in Super Bowl Spot

  • President Biden highlights the issue of “shrinkflation”
  • Companies reducing product sizes while maintaining prices
  • Biden urges big consumer brands to stop this practice

Introduction: The Battle Against Shrinkflation

President Joe Biden has taken to social media to address a growing concern among consumers – the phenomenon known as “shrinkflation.” In a video released by the White House, Biden expressed his dissatisfaction with big brand advertisers who have been reducing the size of their products while keeping prices the same. This practice, referred to as shrinkflation, allows companies to save costs during a period of inflation. However, Biden believes that the American public is tired of being taken advantage of, and he is calling on companies to put a stop to this deceptive tactic.

Main Content: Biden’s Message and the Impact of Shrinkflation

The President’s Plea

In the social media spot, President Biden passionately addresses the issue, stating, “When buying snacks for the game you might have noticed one thing: Sports drinks bottles are smaller, bags of chips have fewer chips, but they are still charging us just as much. As an ice cream lover, what makes me most angry is ice cream cartons have actually just shrunk in size, but not in price.” Biden emphasizes that companies are trying to deceive consumers by gradually reducing the size of products, hoping that they won’t notice. He asserts that the American public is tired of being played for suckers and demands that companies put a stop to this practice.

The Reality of Shrinkflation

Shrinkflation is not a new concept. In recent years, many companies have resorted to reducing product sizes as a way to cut costs without raising prices. This tactic allows them to maintain profit margins while giving consumers less for the same amount of money. However, what is concerning is that many consumers fail to notice these subtle changes in product sizes. Shrinkflation has become a widespread issue, affecting various consumer goods, from food and beverages to household products.

Conclusion: Biden’s Call to Action

President Biden’s social media spot has garnered significant attention, with nearly 6 million views on various platforms. By using the bully pulpit, Biden is leveraging his influence to shed light on the deceptive practice of shrinkflation and urging big consumer brands to stop taking advantage of consumers. The White House’s decision to forego a Super Bowl interview with CBS in favor of addressing this important issue demonstrates the administration’s commitment to protecting consumer rights and promoting transparency in the marketplace. As consumers, it is essential to stay vigilant and be aware of the size changes in the products we purchase. Together, we can hold companies accountable and ensure fair practices that benefit the American public.

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