Joe Biden’s Fundraiser with Obama & Clinton: A Presidential Reunion

  • Former presidents Obama and Clinton join forces to support Biden’s reelection campaign
  • Event to take place in New York on March 28, with a chance to win a trip and photo with the presidents
  • Fundraiser likely to be held at Radio City Music Hall
  • Biden also planning a fundraising trip to Los Angeles in late March
  • Contests and star-studded events play a vital role in campaign fundraising
  • Biden’s campaign reports $46 million cash on hand with $97 million raised in the fourth quarter


In a historic move, Joe Biden’s reelection campaign is gathering the support of two influential Democratic predecessors, Barack Obama and Bill Clinton. The campaign is organizing a fundraiser set to take place on March 28 in New York. The event promises an exciting opportunity for supporters to win a trip, flights, airfare, and a memorable photo with the two former presidents. The suggested contribution for attendees starts at $25, making it an inclusive and accessible event.

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A Star-Studded Affair at Radio City Music Hall

NBC News was the first to report on this unprecedented event, which is expected to be held at the iconic Radio City Music Hall. This choice of venue adds to the grandeur and significance of the occasion, showcasing the magnitude of support that Biden has garnered within the Democratic party. With Obama and Clinton by his side, Biden aims to energize his base and attract new supporters, solidifying his position as the frontrunner in the race.

Expanding Fundraising Efforts in Los Angeles

Biden’s campaign is not stopping at New York. In late March, the former vice president is expected to return to Los Angeles for another round of fundraising. This strategic move demonstrates Biden’s commitment to reaching out to diverse communities across the country and maximizing his campaign’s financial resources. By engaging with supporters in different regions, Biden aims to build a broad coalition that can propel him to victory.

The Power of Contests and Star-Studded Events

The use of contests to drive campaign contributions has become a common practice in political fundraising. Supporters eagerly enter these contests for a chance to win experiences like meals with the candidate or attendance at star-studded events. Biden’s campaign has embraced this strategy, leveraging the popularity and influence of Obama and Clinton to motivate supporters to contribute. This approach not only generates funds but also generates excitement and buzz around the campaign.


Joe Biden’s reelection campaign is set to make waves with a fundraiser featuring the support of two Democratic heavyweights, Barack Obama and Bill Clinton. The event, scheduled for March 28 in New York, offers supporters a unique opportunity to engage with these influential figures and contribute to Biden’s campaign. With the involvement of Obama and Clinton, Biden aims to strengthen his position as the Democratic frontrunner and build a broad coalition of support. As the campaign continues to gain momentum, it is clear that Biden is tapping into the power of star-studded events and innovative fundraising strategies to secure his path to victory.

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