Joe Root’s Off-Field Conversations: Cricket Enjoyment and Camaraderie

  • Root steps down as red-ball captain after series defeat
  • Ben Stokes takes over as captain, Brendon McCullum as head coach
  • Root enjoys simplified approach and more time with teammates
  • England’s fortunes have improved since the change in leadership
  • Root acknowledges the challenge posed by Kohli and Sharma
  • Root aims to limit their impact in the upcoming series


After a series defeat to the West Indies, Joe Root made the decision to step down as the captain of England’s red-ball team. With only one win in their last 17 tests under his leadership, Root felt it was time for a change. Ben Stokes was then appointed as the new captain, with the legendary Brendon McCullum taking on the role of head coach. Since then, England’s fortunes have taken a positive turn, and they have yet to lose a Test series since the leadership transition.

Root’s Simplified Approach

Speaking on Jiocinema, Joe Root expressed his happiness with his new role in the England team. He revealed that he is no longer involved in team meetings and instead prefers to spend more time with his fellow players. Root believes in enjoying life and simplifying things, which he feels is essential for success both on and off the field.

“We don’t really do team meetings anymore. That’s one of the great things about how we do all of our conversations away from the game and just that enjoyment and buzz about spending time with each other,” Root said.

He further added, “We don’t have to sit in a meeting room, and I think it’s more authentic and more genuine when you can have it around a dinner table. Having a coffee in the morning or whatever, I think that’s when you do your best learning.”

The Challenge of Kohli and Sharma

Joe Root is well aware of the threat posed by two of India’s batting greats, Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma. He recognizes their experience and influence within the Indian team and understands the importance of limiting their impact early in the series. Root aims to prevent them from scoring big, which has historically been a challenge for England.

“You mentioned two of the greats of the modern era. Of course, there’s going to be focus. We know how good they are, and they are also very senior within this current Indian batting lineup. So clearly they’ve got a big role to play within this Test team,” Root acknowledged.

He further stated, “You want to make sure that you try and get on top of them early. They’ve got the ability to get big scores, and we’ve been on the wrong end of that a few times, so it would be nice to try and keep them as quiet as we can throughout the series.”


Joe Root’s decision to step down as captain has allowed him to embrace a simplified approach and enjoy more time with his teammates. England’s change in leadership has yielded positive results, and they have been on an upward trajectory since the transition. Root recognizes the challenge posed by Kohli and Sharma and aims to limit their impact in the upcoming series. As England prepares to take on India, fans eagerly await the battle between these cricketing giants.

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