Joe Root’s Struggle: Adapting to Aggressive Cricket

  • Alastair Cook highlights Joe Root’s difficulty in adjusting to aggressive batting tactics
  • Root’s lackluster performance in the ongoing India-England test series raises concerns
  • Cook credits Root’s strong test records but emphasizes his struggle with the tempo of Bazball era
  • Root’s attempt to fit into the team’s dynamic style hampers his natural game
  • Cook expresses delight when Root plays with caution and control
  • Root’s failure to combine offense and defense leads to disappointing scores


Former England captain Alastair Cook has voiced his opinion on current England batter Joe Root’s struggle to adapt to the aggressive Bazball strategy in the ongoing test series against India. Despite his impressive track record in sub-continental conditions, Root’s performance has been lackluster, leading to concerns about his ability to adjust to the team’s dynamic style of play.

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Root’s Struggle with Bazball Tactics

Joe Root, regarded as one of England’s top players, has found it challenging to find his rhythm amidst the aggressive Bazball tactics employed by captain Ben Stokes and coach Brendon McCullum. Expected to be a crucial batter for the visiting squad in the five-match test series against India, Root has failed to make a significant impact.

Cook’s Assessment of Root’s Performance

Speaking to TNT Sports, Alastair Cook believes that Root has lost his balance and natural game while attempting to attack more against the quality Indian bowlers. Cook credits Root’s exceptional test records but highlights his struggle with the tempo of the Bazball era.

“He is England’s best batsman there’s ever been in all formats – but he does struggle sometimes with the tempo of this Bazball era,” Cook said.

Root’s Lack of Control

Alastair Cook further adds that Root’s desperation to fit into the team’s dynamic style often leads to an imbalance between attack and defense. Cook points out a particular instance in the second innings in Visakhapatnam where Root tried to be more aggressive, resulting in a short-lived 16 off ten deliveries. This recent form contrasts dramatically with Root’s previous exploits, as he has failed to score a single fifty in his last 11 innings in India.

“He was on 16 off nine balls, and he doesn’t normally strike at that rate – he’s normally striking at 75 to 80, which is still incredibly high for a Test match strike-rate, with zero risk. That’s when I love watching Joe Root bat,” Cook explained.

Root’s Disappointing Performance

Joe Root has struggled to combine offense and defense throughout the series, scoring only 52 runs in four innings with an average of 13. Despite his previous success in Tests in India, the England veteran has found it challenging to cope with the quality of the Indian bowling attack.


As the ongoing test series between England and India continues, the struggle of Joe Root to adapt to the aggressive Bazball strategy has become a cause for concern. Former England skipper Alastair Cook believes that Root’s attempts to fit into the team’s dynamic style have affected his natural game and balance between attack and defense. Root’s lackluster performance raises questions about his ability to adjust to the tempo of the Bazball era and deliver the expected results for the visiting squad.

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