Jonathan Majors Under Fire: Disturbing Abuse Allegations

  • Former girlfriends and colleagues share their accounts
  • Majors maintains his innocence despite contradictory evidence
  • Impact on career and legal consequences


Several women have recently come forward with additional accusations against actor Jonathan Majors, who was found guilty in December of assaulting and harassing a girlfriend. The New York Times has published a detailed report featuring the accounts of former girlfriends, colleagues, and on-set personnel. These testimonies contradict Majors’ claims of innocence, as he denied ever striking a woman in a televised interview last month.

Accusations of Abuse and Harassment

In pretrial statements to the prosecution and in interviews with The New York Times, Emma Duncan, a former girlfriend, accused Majors of emotionally and physically abusing her. She alleges that he choked her, threw her around, and left bruises on her body. Another former girlfriend, Maura Hooper, also shared her experience of emotional abuse during their relationship.

Both Duncan and Hooper, who are actresses, dated Majors before he gained fame. The Times report depicts him as a controlling and threatening figure who isolated them from friends and career pursuits. Duncan described the impact of the abuse, saying, “You lose your sense of worth.”

On-Set Volatility and Consequences

The New York Times interviewed former colleagues who recounted incidents of Majors’ volatility on the set of the HBO series Lovecraft Country. Female co-workers claim to have experienced confrontations with him, leading them to file complaints with the network.

The Times article is based on interviews with 20 people and statements submitted to the prosecution during the December court case. Majors was found guilty of harassment and misdemeanor assault against Grace Jabbari, another former girlfriend. He is scheduled to be sentenced in April.

As a result of these accusations and the guilty verdict, Majors has faced significant professional setbacks. He lost his role as a major super villain in the Avengers films and his agent. The consequences of his actions have had a profound impact on his career.


The growing number of women coming forward with accusations against Jonathan Majors sheds light on the pervasive issue of abuse and harassment in the entertainment industry. These allegations, along with the guilty verdict in the December case, have had severe repercussions for Majors’ career. It is essential to continue amplifying the voices of survivors and holding those responsible accountable for their actions.

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